Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Monday,

You are the most difficult day of the week. You begin when the weekend is not ready to end. You come with gossip, news, and work. I'm sorry you seem to be the guinea pig of the week, but you rarely offer good news. I most often wish I could skip you. I'm sorry, I am still thankful you add an extra 24 hours a week to my life.
With Regards,

This Monday was not much different than others. It's the beginning of the 9th out of 10 weeks in our semester. While most other schools are in finals week, less than a week from the freedom of summer, not us. It's hard to stay focused this close to the end, yet the cold weather and thunderstorms don't make me wish I was at the beach rather than in class at the moment. I had a test today which was a little rough. I picked my friend up from the airport which was followed with hours of hearing about her trip and relationship issues. It was the much needed escape I needed from my apartment, room, desk, computer, yet lent no help to the studying I need for my next test tomorrow.
My brain seems to stimulate after 10pm. I can think, I can study. It's weird and I might be getting back into my bad routine of throwing off my sleep schedule. Let's pray it doesn't get that bad again, I don't think it will.

I've been trying not to tan as much lately, but I went today. We had thunderstorms this afternoon when the sun left around noon, never to return. I layed in the bed for the 9 minutes of sun I get. Listening to music about summer, not chosen by myself. Sweating. The lights went off and goosebumps covered my body. I stared at the reflective glass for a few seconds dreading going back into the gloominess today had to offer, partly wishing I could stay in a warm bed all day. But as eminem would say; "Snap back to reality". My 9 minutes of sun and heat were gone and my day continued.

Relationships continue to baffle me EVERY day. Lately, co-ed relationships. What it is I want or am looking for. Why I don't want what others want for me. Why I can't get what I want?! Talking about boys on my blog is kind of awkward though because who knows who might be reading this. I do miss my weekends of relaxing to a new movie or going on a date with a boyfriend I'm totally comfortable with. There I said it.
I hate listening to couples fight and argue almost as much as I hate awkwardly perfect couples. When they fight I want them to stop taking what they have for granted or to not be in the situation that is hurting them both. And happy couples just make me jealous, plain and simple.

I'm down to 3 weeks to find an apartment. Yay Berea. Stressss.

Well, congratulations, we've made it past Monday.

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