Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 5th of May

Cinco de Mayo. Really?

I can't believe it is celebrated so heavily in the U.S. I bet most of the people I would ask if they know what Cinco de Mayo is would have no clue, yet will be celebrating (drinking) for it. Just like St. Patrick's Day.
As I get older, some holidays just mystify me. Like mothers day, fathers day, grandparents day, valentines day, etc. I feel like these holidays should be celebrated every day of the year, just like Cinco de Mayo, for people who actually know what they're celebrating. If you love someone, shouldn't you tell them every day, why is one day alloted for it?
I don't know if it is because I am in college or live in Americas most drunk city (according to Forbes) or both, that any reason to drink is reason enough. Drinking is a whole different story and I prefer not to talk about it considering where I live and who might be reading this. Whatever the case, I know of at least a handful of people who will be "celebrating" this holiday when they don't even support the cause.

Whatever the case, Feliz Cinco de Mayo.
Stay safe Milwaukee!

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