Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Hump Day

This title isn't mean to sound suggestive, Wednesday is obviously hump day because it is the middle of the week. Technically not this week because Spring break starts Friday so campus is closed and I don't have class or school Friday.

This is Passover and obviously Holy week. I'm excited for Easter, I just wish we had weather like back in Kansas, I really miss it.
It's been so cold here. It's 38 out right now, the high isn't supposed to be much more than that. It's so sad, depressing...
At least I am at school like 10 hours a day and inside where I don't have to see the depressingness...haha.

Classes are still going well. I definitely feel like we have a ton of projects or lab reports due every week on top of classes, quizzes, and tests. My head is above water and I'm staying caught up pretty well. I'm so much less stressed than last semester for sure.

This weekend is going to go fast. I like having things planned, but it's sad, because time always go fast when you're staying busy. I want to go home for the weekend to save money and take a vacation like this week off is supposed to be. Good Friday church, my mom wants to go help my brother move in Iowa, Alyssas birthday, Easter. AAH.

When the weather sucks, it's hard to stay motivated. I get so depressed and lose all my motivation to do anything, I just want a cup of coffee and the comfort of my bed or tanning to get vitamin D and be in a bright environment.

Which leads me to an interesting conversation; tanning. I have 3 main reasons I tan. To get a tan(1) which leads to me feeling more confident about myself which makes me happier(2) and to get Vitamin D(3). I found out some interesting things though. I use what are called high pressure beds, not to be scared by the sound. One bed uses UVA and UVB beds, where as typical ones only use UVA. UVB rays are actually believed to reduce chances of certain types of cancer, not skin cancer though. The only problem is that beds with a higher UVB ratio as compared to the sun produce less levels of Vitamin D, which is defeating the purpose. Obviously tanning comes with a huge risk of skin cancer. This terrifies me because I've been tanning for a while. THIS IS WHY I need to live in a state where I can get natural sun more than 2 months a year!

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