Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Expect the worst, pray for the best, and be prepared for anything.

Dear world,


I'm glad to know I'm not even invited to roommate night at my own house.

I had a great last night with 3 of my closest friends from high school. Great company, adventures, conversations. I had an okay day, nothing special. I closed by myself at work tonight for the first time. I went to dinner at a Thai place with some friends, one of which had never had sushi before, and liked it. More great company, conversation, laughs.

I come home to all three of my roommates watching a movie, drinking wine, laughing. No invitation. I, for one of the few times in my life, give up. I can't force friendships that aren't meant to be anymore. I. can't. believe. it has come to this. It makes me really sad. I've cried over it. This house is not home for me. :( Being happy with people that are friends makes coming home even worse. I hate this feeling. I hate being unaccepted. I hate being hated. I hate being judged. I hate not being able to talk about my emotions to my friends, or hear theirs. It's just a huge stress in my life. And moving in 2 months. uhhh...

And I got a parking ticket today because Milwaukee parking is literally a joke.
And I have a horrendous wheezing cough right now. No idea.
And I have a quiz tomorrow I'm scared for.

What happened to happy Berea? The one that wasn't constantly on a roller coaster between happy and sad?
I'm a big girl. I have dealt with a lot in my life. Road blocks are meant to change your direction. I firmly believe when God closes one door, he opens another. And he certainly answers prayers. :(
Pray for me? :-\

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