Saturday, March 5, 2011

What does this mean?

Classic Lutheran question.



Where to start?

I'm a hypocrite. I don't always "practice what I preach". It's easy to have an image of yourself that you want to be, but being like your image is a different story. For example, you can say your a Christian because you believe in God. But do you pray? Do you go to church? Do you judge other Christians? Interesting point, but I don't mean to make this a religious debate. I'm just saying this sort of thing is true for many aspects about life. Think about it the next time you're telling someone about yourself. Like, I tell people I like backpacking and climbing mountains. But I do it like once a I'm no where near being considered a "backpacker" but in a way it's what I want people to think when I tell them that. Sometimes when I subconsciously judge someone, I think about me doing the same thing....just awesome Berea. not.

Okay, so I came upon a revelation the other day. It's really had me thinking. It has to do with school and how school doesn't come easy for me like some people. I wonder what I'm doing wrong that things don't click for me like they do for other people. Well, I'm trying to figure that out and I came upon an interesting point. First of all, I think everyone learns different and our education system is messed up for teaching the same, but that again is a different story. Okay. So, I would consider myself more "street smart" than "book smart". I can't really explain this in detail because being street smart is a lot of little things. I think being street smart requires experience and I'd say I've experienced enough things and met enough people to know a lot about the outside world....
But I kind of got off subject and still haven't reached my "revelation" per say. So in one of my classes this semester, I understood the subject material, did great on the homework, but the tests just threw me off. I'm a bad test taker and don't believe testing is a good way of conveying knowledge, but thanks to the American education system, I deal with it. Again, off subject a little. Alright, so I talked to my professor about why this was happening. He tells me that I ask very intelligent questions in class and it seems that everything makes sense until the test. And I agree, I have yet to figure this out. He also said to me one time that my questions are beyond the subject matter. AH HAAA. This has been happening to me my whole life. I never liked talking to teachers/professors, I never really participated as much as I could have in class, so why is this? From a little age I realized some things we were being taught were "not the whole picture". We were taught an equation to solve a problem but in reality so many other factors went into the problem that what we were being taught was only a portion. So I started asking outside the box questions. Sometimes I'd get laughed at or sometimes the teachers wouldn't even want to explain to confuse us. My favorite was when I'd ask "How does this relate to real life?" and they'd say, "well, it really doesn't." So I stopped asking questions. Now outside of school, I'll ask every question I need...
I just know that I learn different than most people and to some company I will be quite the asset. Let's just hope they realize that sooner than later. :)

Happy Saturday

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