Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Show Me What I'm Looking For

Big decisions..

I can't really talk about it much on here because the details are unclear but needless to say I have decisions to make. What I've wanted for a long time and now that I have the option I'm trying to convince myself out of it. Don't worry, its nothing bad, I just can't write about it yet. Everyone I talk to says I should take the opportunity yet it still scares me. I honestly haven't had one person say no Berea, this isn't a good idea, including my family. I just need to figure out the details....aaah

Two weeks I'm bringing my car back to Milwaukee! Good decision to not have to deal with winter parking and all that junk, but it's so inconvinient in getting where I need to go. So I'm bringing it back in 2 weeks :)

Okay--this is the section I start talking about friendships/relationships and my confusion with it all. I'm a people person. I surround myself with people all. the. time. Being alone rarely appeals to me. Yet, I continue to meet people that confuse me. I'm sure I am also a confusing person, haha. I confuse myself sometimes. But anyways, people are confusing because no 2 people are the same, obviously. Texting someone every hour might be your way of showing your interest but to that person it might be annoying. Or not talking much might be your way of playing hard to get, but might be understood as you don't want to talk or be friends. Okay so understanding all these signals is the trick. And I hate "the game" because I try to be a very straight forward person...Okay I feel like I'm getting no where because I can't even explain myself..hmmm interesting..

Well I have class soon. Happy 1st week to me.

"For you were made from dust and to dust you shall return" -Genesis 3:19

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