Thursday, March 10, 2011


Thank you mom for our quick chat, gave me motivation and inspiration for this post.

So for those of you not in the conversation with my mom and I she mentioned that I was a beautiful person. Bear with me here, but I chuckled and asked what brought her to say that. She said my blog. I asked her why because I feel like my blog is often me complaining about school, friends, life and talking in circles. She said that I give HOPE. I nevvverrr in a million years would have made this relationship, but I like it, and I like that she noticed that. It got me thinking...
It's so true that whenever I'm sad, depressed, angry, tired, etc., I'm always trying to look forward to the next best thing, whatever that may be. I also try to do activities that cheer me up or talk to people that make me smile or feel better about the situation. I definitely try to do the same for others. I'd like to think I read emotions quite well in people and I like to talk about emotions probably more than most people. I'm totally the type of person that will follow the emotions of those around me whether they be happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. With saying this though, I prefer to be happy and try to infect other people with that emotion. Getting to know people you can learn what makes them happy specifically and what kinds of things instigate less pleasing emotions. Okay, so it was good to hear my mom say I establish a sort of hope. I hope, no pun intended, that this is true and my friends can relate to this.

I also wanted to bring up another point that closely relates to this. I was talking to a friend last night about backpacking. I've gone backpacking in the past and foresee myself doing more in the future. So, he asked me if I can stay calm in high intense situations or deal with scary/possible life threatening conditions. I questioned myself for a minute because I obviously get scared and worried, but how do I deal with them? I looked back to situations I could relate to, and I think I do very well with calming people down. I'll give two examples:
The first was last summer being in Colorado with my best friend, Alyssa. We decided we wanted to do a day hike of Long's Peak. Her having no experience hiking to this extent and I had never been the most experienced hiker, you might have thought we were crazy. (Both also being pretty out of shape.) We reached the keyhole at a little over 13,000 feet. This hike in itself is a whole separate story, but I'll stick to the point. I had been pushing Alyssa to reach the keyhole, which wasn't too difficult because she obviously wanted to get there as well, but upon reaching it I could tell she wasn't in good shape. Neither of us were to tell the truth. But as a leader I was focused on 2 things; 1-staying safe & 2-Pushing ourselves to do our best. Alyssa was almost in tears because of the pain and wanted nothing more than to be back to our car with 5+ hours of hiking left. I'd be lying if I wasn't also, but I tried to hide it. Saying she'd be okay and trying to make her believe everything would be better soon. I was focused on her and less on me. It felt good to be the leader and bringing peace to the situation. I could talk more, but I think you can get the point.
Okay, the second example. This is a more "raw" example, but I think shows my point well. I happened to be at a place where underage drinking was involved and the police arrived at the situation. The hosts were next to hysterical, also being underage. They were not cooperating and only causing more commotion. I felt like I needed to be the responsible one because I saw what they were doing was causing more problems. I took the initiative to calm each one down, showing them that how they were acting was worsening the situation. I apologized to the authorities along with getting the others to as well. I asked what I could do to help and followed directions. Although I might not have saved them from the trouble they were getting into, I was able to gain respect from the police and they recognized that. I left out a bunch of details but at least I was able to get respect from police. I think that shows a lot.

Lastly, I might be faced with challenges, road blocks, dissapointments in life, but I refuse to let them stop me. I so easily could have quit school when it got hard, but that's not my character. I might complain about this or that, but I always try to see the light how ever far the end of the tunnel may be. I understand there will be a light, even if I have to create it...

"You will be rewarded for this, your hope will not be dissapointed." -Proverbs 23:18

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