Sunday, March 13, 2011


On the agenda:
-recent natural disasters
-government stuff
-why I love life
-upcoming vacation
-excitement for spring

Future blog topics:
-what friends really mean
-why people only talk to people to get things
-how society has changed since I was young
-what I want out of life

Alright to start; recent natural disasters. Since I've been at college, I rarely watch the news. I did so much during my childhood because we watched the news every night during family dinner. Anyways, I haven't heard as much about the tsunami that hit Japan, but did some research. It takes me back to Katrina. I actually went to New Orleans the winter after it happened, and saw the disaster first hand. Even 4 months after it happened, it looked like it had only been weeks. Everything was beyond moldy, toxically moldy. We wore hazmat suits and face masks. The disaster in Japan is so much worse than Katrina. I've heard the death toll is expected to be around 10,000 2/3 of one town hasn't even been heard from. That's a ton...A magnitude 9 earthquake isn't a joke. After helping with Katrina I would love to help Japan out of this. Not right away, but if I had the opportunity, it'd be cool.

Next on the agenda; government 'stuff'. It's also hard to keep up on not watching the news every day. But the democratic senators returned to Wisconsin. I think it's all a big mess. Every day is a different issue. I don't know how I feel about it. I think there are more effective ways of being heard than protesting. And I think people protest just to protest. I just don't know much about politics and I hate arguing with other people that don't know much either so I usually don't talk about it. I just know it's a mess. haha

Okay; why I love life. People. Uncertainty. Risk. Adrenaline. Every day is a new day and you can't predict what might happen. It's exciting.

I leave for Cali in a little over a month! Bikini body needs to be worked on!! I'm really excited. I don't know how much I can say about it. I'm excited to fly and be with my best friend and warm weather and meeting new people and having some new experiences. woot woot. APRIL 27TH!

Excitement for spring: I HATE THIS COLD CRAP. It hit me when I saw pictures of my friends from Kansas this past weekend; in tanktops. And I'm still in my winter coat. March 13th and its below freezing. Not cool. I'm just ready to stop wearing boots and warm clothes.

Well I've completed the agenda. Thanks DJ for the suggestions :) Enjoooyyy

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  1. I agree on the fact that it does seem like some people protest just to protest and so they can say they did and whatnot.