Saturday, February 5, 2011

T-minus one day

With about 24 hours til the super bowl; everything is in referene to the "big game". Did you know that if you're not a sponser of the Super Bowl, you can't use their name to advertise. Like restaurants can't advertise "Come in for the Super Bowl" or certain chip brands can't say "Buy these for the super bowl" kinda thing. Understandable. Super Bowl sponsers pay millions/billions of dollars to be a sponser.
Stores were packed today with everyone buying food, goodies, drinks for tomorrow. The radio is ranting about "green and gold". People are comparing "super bowl eve" to christmas eve. Ughh. Overrated, just my opinion.

I hate weekends of not doing anything. Wearing a sweatshirt all day. Not seeing many of the people who wanted to see me. Letting people down. All I wanted was to lock myself in my room. And now I feel like it was a waste of a night of my weekend. I'm so stressed all week and sit in my room all week, you'd think I'd have every reason in the book to get out of my house.
So tonight I'm changing that.

One last quick thought; I always think of things I want to write about on my blog throughout the day and I'm like oh that's so obvious, I won't forget, but of course, I always do. So my new strategy is to write down the subjects on my phone so I don't forget. :)

Alrighty, night

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