Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Immune System SUCKS!

sick. sick. sick

Why haven't you heard from me this week? I've been SICK! Let me tell you how sick:
Started throwing up Tuesday.
My head felt like I went from sea level to 14,000 feet in minutes.
My temperature ranged from 101-103.1
I didn't eat more than 100 calories for almost 70 hours. (That's a few chips and yogurt for 3 days!)
I almost passed out walking down 2 flights of stairs to let my mom in...
...My mom had to come take care of this 20 year old.
I missed 3 days of classes= last thing in the world I wanted to do right now.
Didn't shower for 3 days and when I finally did I thought I was going to pass out..
Oh yeah; and lost close to 10 pounds
So do you believe I was sick?
I feel like I get sick a lot. (As I sneeze typing that.)I would lean toward maybe that I don't take great care of myself; but I know other people that are way worse, and don't get sick like me. I could say that every year I don't get my flu vaccine I get sick. Which totally slipped my mind getting it this year.

As for missing so much school; I'm not sure how it's going to pan out. We'll find out. I hope my professors understand how much I didn't want to miss class, seeing as none of them have e-mailed me back yet. Very angry about that...

So I'm going home this weekend. Milwaukee gets to be overwhelming. The city comes alive during the weekend. There's so much to do and everyone's looking for something to do. Since I can't stand sitting alone, it's hard for me to take a weekend off in Milwaukee when I'm getting texts to go out and such. The best way for me to avoid this is to take a weekend trip to my "house" up north.

At least I missed a bunch of cold weather I hear? This next week looks awesome!! With low's around 30 and highs are 40!! wooohooo. Please don't get cold again! :)

okay goodnight bloggies

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