Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a 90's baby

-I know more emoticons than you know expressions.
-Bye bye bye means n'sync.
-At one point I hoped my future husband would propose to me with a ring pop
-I still believe Red Bull gives me wings. I'd like to see someone over the age 30 who drinks red bull like we do...
-I've collected more Happy meal toys than you ever ate out as a kid.
-I got excited when Oregon trail came to facebook
-I'm always "JUST KIDDING"
-"How are you" is out of our vocab. Purely "What's up"
-We are slowly dropping 'g' out of our vocab. "nothin" "goin" "hangin"
-idk, hru, sup, omg, ttyl replaced those words.
-I send over 5,000 texts a month.
-I remember when gas was like 90 cents/gallon. And I remember when it was over $4/ gallon

Just some thoughts because I had a conversation with a friend and it was completely slang terms. And I thought how disgusted older generations would be with my friend spelling excited as "exyted" and better as "betta". I could go on with this list, but I think some things are specific to me and wouldn't really fit my whole generation.

Day 2 of finals week. I didn't have any finals today. I worked 5 hours in the bookstore and will be spending this evening studying for Production Planning after I make dinner.....dinner. I'm thinking of pasta. With a marinara/olive/mushroom sauce thing that I have?

PS- I got the best carrot cake ever at the public market yesterday. It was 3.50 for like a pound of carrot cake. And it's delicious. Okay, I'm hungry. Byyyeee!

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