Friday, February 4, 2011



Let's talk.

ONE: I write a blog because the computer screen doesn't talk back. Period. Although I love talking to my friends and hearing what they have to say, it's nice sometimes not to hear anything. You can figure out much better what you are actually feeling and sort things out than being swayed to think a certain way because of what someone else is saying.
You can judge me based on what I'm typing, but I don't have to hear your thoughts or see your expression of anger, disagreement, dissapointment, not that I don't care always.
I don't have to annoy my friends by telling them every day how much money I don't have, how much school is stressing me out, and my every day boy update.

TWO: Let's talk Jersey Shore. Fist pumping, hair gel, muscle shirts, naked women, fried pickles, fighting, relationships, sex, drama. Is this what our generation wants? Is this what our generation is? Does it make us feel better about our lives? Worse about our lives? I don't know how I feel about it. I find it disgusting, yet entertaining that I still watch it. To many of the adults reading this, I'm sure you are disgusted by the show, by what you've seen, heard, read about it. It's sad this is the kind of attention our generation gets, but then who would want to watch a TV show about a group of 20 some year olds sitting at home, going to school, playing board games, drinking orange juice, wearing turtle necks? :-\ I think it's just a phase and something worse will replace it soon enough. So why do we watch it? I hate seeing the token couple fight, I hate hearing them talk about ALWAYS having sex (girls and boys), I hate seeing them living in a nice house, I hate seeing people my age with no serious jobs or solid education and being so famous for it. But in a way, it makes me thankful for what I do have, which is so opposite. At the end of the day, it's just a TV show, reality or not. Think about soap operas, or jerry springer, or Lizzie McGuire, same thing. I guess what I'm saying is don't judge me by the idiots on TV...

THREE: Week 8 is over. done. complete. whew. So many projects to finish in 2 weeks. Period. ugh but it's the weekend, SuperBowl weekend to be exact. :) Go Pack.

I might not exactly be a Packer fan, but I'm scared to death not to be in this state. Some people are a little crazy. I don't really need to talk crap or bet on teams, I just cheer for the enjoyment. And who can say it's not a little exciting to have your home team in the super bowl...

Once again, happy friday and thanks for supporting my blog :)


Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercy indures forever <3

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