Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a 90's baby

-I know more emoticons than you know expressions.
-Bye bye bye means n'sync.
-At one point I hoped my future husband would propose to me with a ring pop
-I still believe Red Bull gives me wings. I'd like to see someone over the age 30 who drinks red bull like we do...
-I've collected more Happy meal toys than you ever ate out as a kid.
-I got excited when Oregon trail came to facebook
-I'm always "JUST KIDDING"
-"How are you" is out of our vocab. Purely "What's up"
-We are slowly dropping 'g' out of our vocab. "nothin" "goin" "hangin"
-idk, hru, sup, omg, ttyl replaced those words.
-I send over 5,000 texts a month.
-I remember when gas was like 90 cents/gallon. And I remember when it was over $4/ gallon

Just some thoughts because I had a conversation with a friend and it was completely slang terms. And I thought how disgusted older generations would be with my friend spelling excited as "exyted" and better as "betta". I could go on with this list, but I think some things are specific to me and wouldn't really fit my whole generation.

Day 2 of finals week. I didn't have any finals today. I worked 5 hours in the bookstore and will be spending this evening studying for Production Planning after I make dinner.....dinner. I'm thinking of pasta. With a marinara/olive/mushroom sauce thing that I have?

PS- I got the best carrot cake ever at the public market yesterday. It was 3.50 for like a pound of carrot cake. And it's delicious. Okay, I'm hungry. Byyyeee!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It's been snowing since yesterday morning. No pretty snow. It started with a slush, where the plows were shoveling a slushy water substance...real effective. And it got cold again. In the 20's. I'm not so happy anymore...

This week is finals week. I had 2 today, none tomorrow. Engineering Economy was kind of hard but I got through it. The other was for epistemology. We were given a study guide of 25 questions and were told 10 of them would be on the final. And sure enough. I'd be fine if I memorized all the answers right but I don't know how well I answered the questions. But that's not why I am angry about this final. Some people were cheating that I saw, they had cheat sheets hidden. I'm still mad about it. I don't know what to do. Tell my professor? But I have no proof.

Okay so I'm watching CNBC about the Mexican drug cartel. It's quite interesting. The cartel from Mexico into the U.S. is more than a 15 million dollar a year operation. They are growing more marijuana than the authorities can destroy. Approximately 12 people are dying a day in relation to the drug war. It's just crazy because the drug war is so powerful. CNBC is saying there is a possibility that the Mexican army is covering for the powerful drug people. The top drug 'king' in Mexico was ranked the 41st wealthiest person in the world in Forbes magazine.
Okay so drug gangs kill people that get in their way so to speak. And the most common way of disposing the bodies after killing is to put the remains in containers filled with acid. Authorities claim they can't identify the bodies. BUT; I watched an episode of Myth Busters which said acid can't get rid of all DNA. Maybe Mexico doesn't have the resources to correctly do it? I don't know. Mexico is dangerous because you could be on the sidewalk and unknowingly be next to a drug dealer who is going to get attacked/killed in a drive by. And the drive by killers will take out everyone near that person.
Anyways, I thought it was interesting.

1 Corinthians 15:33 - "Do not be mislead, bad company corrupts good character."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've moved a lot in my life. I've been on a lot of vacations in my life. After living here in Wisconsin for 6 years, I'm ready to see more, experience more, and I'd go as far as to say move. If I wasn't in school, I'd probably run away. (Relatively speaking) I know the world is so big, and I'm starting to feel stuck in the same place with the same people. I love meeting new people. When you get to know someone, it's always exciting. I feel like I've lived here long enough that I'm not meeting people at the same exponential growth rate you do when you don't know anyone. Am I getting bored? Well, no, I love my friends. I love the comfortability. I love knowing Milwaukee without directions. Buttttt, I just want a new experience.

With that being said; now isn't the time. I have at least a year of school to finish at MSOE and since I'm so close and I've done so much to get where I am, I couldn't see transferring. Money and comfortability just won't allow that right now. Friends; I believe that your true friends will always stay just that. I'll always reciprocate for others what they have given me and probably more. I think true friends will always stay in contact and will always be excited to see each other. If not, who knows how much they actually meant. With facebook, I find it hard not to stay in some sort of contact with literally everyone I've met.

I actually quite enjoyed this winter. The snow didn't last 5 months. There were a few weeks of cold<---don't like that, but it could have been worse. Do you remember it being almost 60 on new years eve? Because I do, and that was awesome. It's nice to have weather back that doesn't require covering every part of your body.

Some upcoming important dates in the life of Berea:
This Friday; I get paid.
February 25th; Finals will be over and Alyssa is coming to visit.
March 24th; I get my car back!!! :)
April 27th; CALIFORNIA!

What would life be if you had nothing to look forward to? First things first, getting through finals which begin Monday :-o

Dear blog readers--If anyone has a topic they'd like to hear about from me, give me ideas and you'll see it happen....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick and dirty

EE quiz Tuesday. Past due 6 page epistemology paper due: asap. Production planning case study due Wednesday. Stochastic processes project due Thursday. Engineering Econ board game due sometime soon this week. Junior design presentation Friday. Just a little on my to-do list for the next 4 days.

and today is Valentines day. Gaag. Sick of hearing about it...Thank you America for this Hallmark holiday to remind me how single and unspecial I am. Okay, maybe not completely "unspecial", but not special to a single....boy. I'm not getting dressed up to get taken to a nice dinner. No box of chocolates/roses/teddy bears. Not that I want any of this, but it's the thought you know..Every year I think the same thing; a day to remind you that you love your loved one(<---hahahaha) or remind you that you don't have a "loved one". Sweet huh. Today is the second biggest card sending holiday next to Christmas.
Anyways, there's no point to the cholocolate, flower loving day. I don't like it. Don't ask me what I'm doing. I'm sitting at my house doing homework all night. Happy Valentines day Berea.


We love because he first loved us. 1 john 4:19

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Immune System SUCKS!

sick. sick. sick

Why haven't you heard from me this week? I've been SICK! Let me tell you how sick:
Started throwing up Tuesday.
My head felt like I went from sea level to 14,000 feet in minutes.
My temperature ranged from 101-103.1
I didn't eat more than 100 calories for almost 70 hours. (That's a few chips and yogurt for 3 days!)
I almost passed out walking down 2 flights of stairs to let my mom in...
...My mom had to come take care of this 20 year old.
I missed 3 days of classes= last thing in the world I wanted to do right now.
Didn't shower for 3 days and when I finally did I thought I was going to pass out..
Oh yeah; and lost close to 10 pounds
So do you believe I was sick?
I feel like I get sick a lot. (As I sneeze typing that.)I would lean toward maybe that I don't take great care of myself; but I know other people that are way worse, and don't get sick like me. I could say that every year I don't get my flu vaccine I get sick. Which totally slipped my mind getting it this year.

As for missing so much school; I'm not sure how it's going to pan out. We'll find out. I hope my professors understand how much I didn't want to miss class, seeing as none of them have e-mailed me back yet. Very angry about that...

So I'm going home this weekend. Milwaukee gets to be overwhelming. The city comes alive during the weekend. There's so much to do and everyone's looking for something to do. Since I can't stand sitting alone, it's hard for me to take a weekend off in Milwaukee when I'm getting texts to go out and such. The best way for me to avoid this is to take a weekend trip to my "house" up north.

At least I missed a bunch of cold weather I hear? This next week looks awesome!! With low's around 30 and highs are 40!! wooohooo. Please don't get cold again! :)

okay goodnight bloggies

Monday, February 7, 2011


As a resident of Wisconsin for 6 years (tieing the longest I've ever lived in one state) I am proud to say I watched my home team take home the big one. I was also a part of a huge party here in Milwaukee on water street. A lot of roads were closed, obviously people in the streets, etc. It was really cool to see and be a part of.
Today everything went semi back to normal. Soon enough it will just be a thing of the past; "remember when the packers won the super bowl?"
Anyways; it is now 9th week. I'm so close. So close. Deep breaths, fingers crossed, lots of praying.
Okay back to studying...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

T-minus one day

With about 24 hours til the super bowl; everything is in referene to the "big game". Did you know that if you're not a sponser of the Super Bowl, you can't use their name to advertise. Like restaurants can't advertise "Come in for the Super Bowl" or certain chip brands can't say "Buy these for the super bowl" kinda thing. Understandable. Super Bowl sponsers pay millions/billions of dollars to be a sponser.
Stores were packed today with everyone buying food, goodies, drinks for tomorrow. The radio is ranting about "green and gold". People are comparing "super bowl eve" to christmas eve. Ughh. Overrated, just my opinion.

I hate weekends of not doing anything. Wearing a sweatshirt all day. Not seeing many of the people who wanted to see me. Letting people down. All I wanted was to lock myself in my room. And now I feel like it was a waste of a night of my weekend. I'm so stressed all week and sit in my room all week, you'd think I'd have every reason in the book to get out of my house.
So tonight I'm changing that.

One last quick thought; I always think of things I want to write about on my blog throughout the day and I'm like oh that's so obvious, I won't forget, but of course, I always do. So my new strategy is to write down the subjects on my phone so I don't forget. :)

Alrighty, night

Friday, February 4, 2011



Let's talk.

ONE: I write a blog because the computer screen doesn't talk back. Period. Although I love talking to my friends and hearing what they have to say, it's nice sometimes not to hear anything. You can figure out much better what you are actually feeling and sort things out than being swayed to think a certain way because of what someone else is saying.
You can judge me based on what I'm typing, but I don't have to hear your thoughts or see your expression of anger, disagreement, dissapointment, not that I don't care always.
I don't have to annoy my friends by telling them every day how much money I don't have, how much school is stressing me out, and my every day boy update.

TWO: Let's talk Jersey Shore. Fist pumping, hair gel, muscle shirts, naked women, fried pickles, fighting, relationships, sex, drama. Is this what our generation wants? Is this what our generation is? Does it make us feel better about our lives? Worse about our lives? I don't know how I feel about it. I find it disgusting, yet entertaining that I still watch it. To many of the adults reading this, I'm sure you are disgusted by the show, by what you've seen, heard, read about it. It's sad this is the kind of attention our generation gets, but then who would want to watch a TV show about a group of 20 some year olds sitting at home, going to school, playing board games, drinking orange juice, wearing turtle necks? :-\ I think it's just a phase and something worse will replace it soon enough. So why do we watch it? I hate seeing the token couple fight, I hate hearing them talk about ALWAYS having sex (girls and boys), I hate seeing them living in a nice house, I hate seeing people my age with no serious jobs or solid education and being so famous for it. But in a way, it makes me thankful for what I do have, which is so opposite. At the end of the day, it's just a TV show, reality or not. Think about soap operas, or jerry springer, or Lizzie McGuire, same thing. I guess what I'm saying is don't judge me by the idiots on TV...

THREE: Week 8 is over. done. complete. whew. So many projects to finish in 2 weeks. Period. ugh but it's the weekend, SuperBowl weekend to be exact. :) Go Pack.

I might not exactly be a Packer fan, but I'm scared to death not to be in this state. Some people are a little crazy. I don't really need to talk crap or bet on teams, I just cheer for the enjoyment. And who can say it's not a little exciting to have your home team in the super bowl...

Once again, happy friday and thanks for supporting my blog :)


Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercy indures forever <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


snowrnados, snowtorious....

Milwaukee got railed with snow in the past 24 hours...I was stuck at my friends house for almost 20 hours due to the lack of plowing...But it was a good 20 hours and fun watching the storm.
I have to say I'm ecstatic of the storm we got. Coming from the girl who hates cold; I might be getting used to this stuff. This has been the first winter I have enjoyed. I keep thinking I'm going to get sick of it, I'll let you know in a couple months. Actually, I like this stuff for a couple months, but I don't think winter should last 6 months....And for the record Milwaukee is going to be a messssss when this starts melting....
Okay so Milwaukee streets are plowed to one lane right now. Parking=IMPOSSIBLE. There is no where to push the snow....good thing I don't have Berniece (my car)
Obviously school was canceled today.
Apparently we in a wind chill advisory, negative 25 possible tonight.