Monday, January 31, 2011

Opportunity Costs

I believe any decision is hard if it comes with an opportunity cost. I also believe most decisions do. I would say all, but I was taught in high school you can't say "all" because of generalization and fallacies and whatnot. So I'll stick with "most".
A lot of opportunity costs do deal with money, but a lot don't.
The cost of me taking the opportunity to go to California is losing money. The cost of me hanging out with friends during the weekday is risking losing focus on school. You get the point.
My bank account was drained by over $700 today due to different costs and expenses, none of which were by enjoyment or pleasure to me. How ironic the church service this Sunday dealt with giving 10% to God. I'll give some shoes or clothes? Does that count? Because I don't have much money. :-\
Okay, there's more to life than money which is why I won't bask on this issue. I'm in college, I have college expenses, it just puts a weight on my shoulders and I know it won't be like this forever.
Today was the start of 8th week. 8/10 weeks. So close, I will get through this semester. It's just going to be a little ugly.

Let's talk about this "huge" snow storm that's supposed to hit us for the next 48 hours. We got maybe 1-2" here in Milwaukee this afternoon when the storm stopped. I've heard predictions all over the board as to how much we're supposed to get all the way up to 20" by Wednesday. If this happens. Milwaukee is going to be a mess. It already kind of is. Professors are already prepared to cancel classes. As my dad always says: "WE SHALL SEE".

On another note: I wish I had cable in my room...

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