Tuesday, December 21, 2010



I just got over a viral infection. I'll skip the dirty deets, but I was on hydrocodone for a handful of days because I could barely eat anything. I was taking some other meds too, but as with most virus' you kind of have to let them run their course. I missed quite a few classes which I am very angry about. But now I am on break and recuperating and feeling 100x better already.

Christmas is 3 days away=weird.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

t-minus 17 days to Christmas

1) School
Second week of second semester. Classes enrolled in: Linnear Networks of Steady State Electrical Engineering, Epistemology, Production Planning and Inventory Control, Stochastic Processes, Junior Design Project, and Engineering Economy. Mouth full huh? Well, it's an interesting semester and after my 7th day of classes, I've already taken in a ton of information. I already have 2 quizes this Friday. Then next week of classes and winter/christmas break.

2) Snow
It snowed for the first time this winter on Friday night I believe. I was up at the time of the morning it started, which was gorgeous. It was exciting after it got really cold to have some snow. It makes the cold a little less worse. It's very icy right now though and my car is caked in salt. I did some Christmas decorating this week, including hanging lights on our balcony, our "fake" fire place, lights in our living room, and stockings on the fireplace. Along with listening to Christmas music this week. I might bake something to get more into the Christmas spirit. It is easy to not prepare for Christmas being at college because you focus so much on school that you don't hear the music or watch Christmas movies, etc.

3) Friends
Post 4:00 I never see my roommates. One word: Boyfriends. All of them.
I literally can't step foot on campus without stopping to talk to someone. Bittersweet thing about going to a small school. I was at a "party" this past weekend with a "new"ish friend and within 30 minutes they said; "Berea, do you know everyone?" Well no, but if I don't, I want to meet them. :-p I find people so fascinating. Everyone has a different story, a different background, thinks differently, and I want to know about it. I want to hear new experiences/ different points of view. You can't change someone, you can impact them and get them to think differently.
My most recent friendship experience comes from meeting some people from Serbia. Not only have I begun learning Serbian, which is awesome, I've asked many questions about Serbian history. It is crazy to hear about kids my age having to flee their house/town because of war and growing up with bombs and gun shots...it gives a whole new perspective. And also makes me wonder about all the other countries that experience different things. Think about Africa.....just totally different that I could never understand. Hearing stories about these experiences is the closest I will come, and it fascinates me to learn.

4) Work
Economy=sucks. So frustrated...it's bad.
I learned something about me today that might help with my future jobs. A class I have with a certain professor, I have a hard time comprehending some of the topics because I tend to think outside the box. I think this is a great thing. Sometimes when we are learning about a specific topic, I think to myself that this couldn't be possible because of another factor. This sounds confusing; let me try to explain. Today; we were talking about probabilities. We started talking about the lottery system because it deals a lot with probability and chance of course. Apparently, some guy out east bought 90% of the numbers for a certain lottery. He won and made money off of the 10% he did not buy. This did not make sense to me because you have to take into account taxes. Winning the lottery for that much money, taxes are rediculous. Okay, so I brought this point up to the professor and he said "Berea, I've told you before, you have great potential to get your MBA." So I'm not exactly aiming for buisness, but it's good to be told that and could always be a possibility. That wasn't the first time I have brought up points like that in his class, it was just an example. Interesting though.

Okay it's late; Ja sam umorna. (look it up on google translate)
Laku noc!

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." -Hebrews 11:1