Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm eating a hamster right now. Hahah okay--So some of my friends know I love chicken cordon bleu's and one of them nicknamed it "hamster". You can use your imagination.

I am one test down today. Project management. Turned in my Accounting project. So I'm already less stressed than I was yesterday at this point. One test left to go, in 2 hours and I plan on craming a bit more for it.

But the reason I decided to post was because of an interesting topic my dad brought up. FACEBOOK.

SOOOO much goes into facebook, so many people rely on it as to be crazy. You can basically get to know a person within 5 minutes of looking at their facebook page. Their birthday, where they go to school, what city they live in, how many friends they have, what their interest are (music, books, extracurricular, movies, etc.) What they do based on their pictures.
We all say you aren't friends with someone until it's "facebook official". Or two people aren't dating until it's "facebook official". You can learn a persons mood by their status. No more e-mail because you can now send messages to people on facebook which they'll probably read sooner and you don't have to write down everyones e-mail addresses. You can chat with whoevers online at the same time you are. So if you need to talk to someone, chances are they'll be online to talk to or just to say hi to people you don't see or text. You can write to tell someone you miss them or to finalize plans etc.
So what is facebook? It used to be just for college kids, then quickly branched out for high schoolers, then they're siblings and parents. It used to be secretive and you could say stuff that only our generation talks about. Now, you have your parents as friends or aunts, uncles, cousins, or your friends parents as friends and they can see whatever you're doing. Although there are privacy settings that allow you to limit certain peoples access, how secret is it really? I have 400some friends, which isn't many compared to most people. So those 400 people can see whatever I do. So they can tell their friends and it goes on and on. So, I believe facebook has become a networking device, no question. You never know when you'll need to talk to a certain person for whatever reason, and when you do, they're just a click away. College parties have become even bigger because with the event feature, the host(s) can post their party and invite their 400+ friends. By 12:00 last night I had already been invited to 3 parties this weekend. Parties that no one had physically told me about, just invited me on facebook. You can opt to attend, not attend, or maybe attend, which gives the host a head count without even having to ask.
There's just so much to do on facebook and it is often the topic of conversation. "Did you see that so and so are in a relationship? Did you hear about the party on friday, just look at my events? Did you see what so and so said in their status? I wonder if they're okay. Did you hear so and so is mad at so and so, look at their status. Did u see that picture Freddy Lou posted? Did you see my new haircut I got a couple hours ago." The list honestly goes on. Our generation is becoming based around facebook, no joke. I spend hours a day on it like most kids. Waiting to talk to someone. Telling someone I'm excited for future plans or to see them next. To tell someone I want to meet up. Checking events and specifications. Creeping on people. Learning about them.
I think we needed something like facebook. Where would we be without it? Just fine....but it helps in many instances I believe.
It's such a crazy phenomenon.
Thank you Mark Zuckerberg..

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