Monday, November 15, 2010

11th week

AKA: MSOE doesn't have an 11th week....11th week is FINALS! Which I had one this morning that went....alright. I have another tomorrow at 2 that shouldn't be horrible, and a paper due by Wednesday.
All in all, this might be my easiest finals week yet. :-D weird to say being my first semester as a junior. But all the projects are completed, which is a HUGE relief.
So I've decided I want a change in pace of jobs....I told AE I would not be able to work on Thanksgiving or the day after and they said it probably wouldn't work to keep me on staff then. I agree. It wasn't the best job I've had and I really don't want to give them bad publicity, so that's all I will say. Working weekends at a bar is so physically draining. I had an easy semester, yet I have come to the point that sleeping such horrible hours and messing up my schedule is just not what I should be doing. I've taken a couple weekends off and we'll see how I am after break...
The bookstore is still going well. It has its ups and downs, but I really shouldn't complain, there is worse out there.
My stomach has hurt all weekend...Saturday I might have eaten something bad because it was kind of like a stomach ache. Today it is because of feminine issues. But needless to say, I feel a little below par physically. Besides I did a lot of dancing Saturday in 5inch stilettos so my legs are quite sore.
So I've been thinking about christmas and I know my relatives are going to start asking me for a list soon, and I've thought of 2 things I've been wanting for a while. A pair of UGG or Minnetonka mocassins and a DVD player.
Alright, time to go to work....

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