Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm home and I've been bonding with my cat :) <3 I love the fluffy thing...

Okay so I'm on break and I have a full week ahead! I'm going to Milwaukee tonight with my best friend to visit some people. Then I'm leaving for Kansas on Sunday because a family friend has terminal cancer. Tuesday is back to Milwaukee to work. Thursday=Thanksgiving. Friday I'll be with the extended family. Then I'll probably go back to Milwaukee for the weekend and ready to start school Monday. AAAAhhhhh.

I'm kind of sad I have my whole break planned. But I kind of like it.

My dad is making lunch today, kind of excited for a good home meal.
I want Christmas lights put up.
I want to book my trip to California soon.
I want to bring my cat back to Milwaukee with me...
Enough I wants...I'm going to go be useful...

Monday, November 15, 2010

11th week

AKA: MSOE doesn't have an 11th week....11th week is FINALS! Which I had one this morning that went....alright. I have another tomorrow at 2 that shouldn't be horrible, and a paper due by Wednesday.
All in all, this might be my easiest finals week yet. :-D weird to say being my first semester as a junior. But all the projects are completed, which is a HUGE relief.
So I've decided I want a change in pace of jobs....I told AE I would not be able to work on Thanksgiving or the day after and they said it probably wouldn't work to keep me on staff then. I agree. It wasn't the best job I've had and I really don't want to give them bad publicity, so that's all I will say. Working weekends at a bar is so physically draining. I had an easy semester, yet I have come to the point that sleeping such horrible hours and messing up my schedule is just not what I should be doing. I've taken a couple weekends off and we'll see how I am after break...
The bookstore is still going well. It has its ups and downs, but I really shouldn't complain, there is worse out there.
My stomach has hurt all weekend...Saturday I might have eaten something bad because it was kind of like a stomach ache. Today it is because of feminine issues. But needless to say, I feel a little below par physically. Besides I did a lot of dancing Saturday in 5inch stilettos so my legs are quite sore.
So I've been thinking about christmas and I know my relatives are going to start asking me for a list soon, and I've thought of 2 things I've been wanting for a while. A pair of UGG or Minnetonka mocassins and a DVD player.
Alright, time to go to work....

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm eating a hamster right now. Hahah okay--So some of my friends know I love chicken cordon bleu's and one of them nicknamed it "hamster". You can use your imagination.

I am one test down today. Project management. Turned in my Accounting project. So I'm already less stressed than I was yesterday at this point. One test left to go, in 2 hours and I plan on craming a bit more for it.

But the reason I decided to post was because of an interesting topic my dad brought up. FACEBOOK.

SOOOO much goes into facebook, so many people rely on it as to be crazy. You can basically get to know a person within 5 minutes of looking at their facebook page. Their birthday, where they go to school, what city they live in, how many friends they have, what their interest are (music, books, extracurricular, movies, etc.) What they do based on their pictures.
We all say you aren't friends with someone until it's "facebook official". Or two people aren't dating until it's "facebook official". You can learn a persons mood by their status. No more e-mail because you can now send messages to people on facebook which they'll probably read sooner and you don't have to write down everyones e-mail addresses. You can chat with whoevers online at the same time you are. So if you need to talk to someone, chances are they'll be online to talk to or just to say hi to people you don't see or text. You can write to tell someone you miss them or to finalize plans etc.
So what is facebook? It used to be just for college kids, then quickly branched out for high schoolers, then they're siblings and parents. It used to be secretive and you could say stuff that only our generation talks about. Now, you have your parents as friends or aunts, uncles, cousins, or your friends parents as friends and they can see whatever you're doing. Although there are privacy settings that allow you to limit certain peoples access, how secret is it really? I have 400some friends, which isn't many compared to most people. So those 400 people can see whatever I do. So they can tell their friends and it goes on and on. So, I believe facebook has become a networking device, no question. You never know when you'll need to talk to a certain person for whatever reason, and when you do, they're just a click away. College parties have become even bigger because with the event feature, the host(s) can post their party and invite their 400+ friends. By 12:00 last night I had already been invited to 3 parties this weekend. Parties that no one had physically told me about, just invited me on facebook. You can opt to attend, not attend, or maybe attend, which gives the host a head count without even having to ask.
There's just so much to do on facebook and it is often the topic of conversation. "Did you see that so and so are in a relationship? Did you hear about the party on friday, just look at my events? Did you see what so and so said in their status? I wonder if they're okay. Did you hear so and so is mad at so and so, look at their status. Did u see that picture Freddy Lou posted? Did you see my new haircut I got a couple hours ago." The list honestly goes on. Our generation is becoming based around facebook, no joke. I spend hours a day on it like most kids. Waiting to talk to someone. Telling someone I'm excited for future plans or to see them next. To tell someone I want to meet up. Checking events and specifications. Creeping on people. Learning about them.
I think we needed something like facebook. Where would we be without it? Just fine....but it helps in many instances I believe.
It's such a crazy phenomenon.
Thank you Mark Zuckerberg..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid Week Crisis

Okay--Real Quick, I need to vent.
This quarter just got super intense and I am VERY agitated right now.
I have two tests tomorrow; Ergonomics and Project Management.
I have the 3rd part of my Accounting project due tomorrow. Which means a good few hours of intense concentration.
I have a lab multiple projects I am working on right now that all need to be finished by next week. This includes doing my part for the projects and meeting with my groups to put everything together and rehearsing the presentations.
I have multiple people I have to e-mail for various reasons.
Needless to say the list goes on and on.
I'm just very irritable right now...

Um next topic; so I feel like everything I'm dealing with right now is talking about future jobs and internships and applying and interviewing, whatever the case. One question that always comes up is; What makes you stand out? Or what makes me of value, or different from other candidates. This is the hardest question for me to answer. Hard because my transcripts aren't at the top of the class, I don't have internship experience that others do, I'm not captain for 5 different sports teams, I'm not involved in every activity possible, etc. By reading that sentence any employer would say NEXT! And knowing that just KILLS me, discourages me, haunts me. I don't have grades that show I'm smart, but I know I am. I'm just not smart like the stereotype. Tests/quizzes don't show my intelligence. I can problem solve quite well. Give me a problem and I will use whatever resources I can to solve it. And I can guarantee you, I won't give up if I'm motivated. Look at me....Many people doubted me when I decided I wanted to become an engineer. But that gave me SO much more motivation to do it. Working at the bookstore, my bosses will give me a project that they expect completed in x amount of time, and I try to finish that in less than x amount of time. And most of the time I surprise them but getting it done faster. Okay; so back to the question, what makes me stand out? I don't know how to answer this, partly because I don't know how to believe in what makes me stand out. I obviously think I'm the best person for the job, but I need to give myself a reason.
I'm reliable. I would never commit to something I couldn't do. I am one of the few people I know that wouldn't "call into work" saying I'm sick when my friends were going shopping. I was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor at the age of 17 at my job working at Shopko because I would usually work when other people "called in" or they needed me. I would work until 10pm on Friday nights even though I was in high school and my friends were doing things. I would cover for people who weren't reliable. Hence partly how I became a supervisor.
I'm always early. Unless something happens to me that I really could not plan for, but I've rarely had that happen. I'm always early for meetings, interviews, class, work, just meeting a friend. I have a good sense of time and like to plan how long it will take me to do what I need to. Especially with interviews, I leave extra early, because I can always sit in my car a few minutes rather than showing up late to something important.
I am super easy to get along with. I've had friends from all different backgrounds; poor, rich, different cultures, shy, outgoing, etc. If you're shy, I'll be quiet so that I don't annoy you. But know that I always listen when you're ready to talk. If you are outgoing, I'll be right along side ready to step out of my comfort zone. For example, when I went to Mexico on my mission trips. I was in a foreign country, without my parents and people who did not speak English. I was forced to become a part of their society and understand the people so that I did not get myself in trouble or embarrass our country. I had to step outside my comfort zone to talk to people with poor Spanish just so that I could interact. Or going to church camp where I didn't know anyone. Making friends has come easy to me since I moved so much as a kid. I gained many personal skills that most people don't acquire. If you are upset or angry I can calm you down and talk through things. Example; I had some friends that were in trouble with the police. I calmed them down enough to have the police thank me. I think that shows something.
I can sympathize with you. Maybe I haven't been through your same situation but I'm sure someone I've been close to has and I can give whatever advice I have to offer. But if it's not the right time to say something, I'll keep quiet. I recently had a friend lose a very close friend. I've never had a friend die, but I knew enough to be there for him. He needed someone to talk to, and that's what I gave him. I told him what I could through experience and God. He really appreciated it and made him trust me even more as a friend.
If you're sad, I'll cry with you. There's nothing wrong with crying. I'm emotional, and have enough to cry about myself. I can imagine the pain you may have
Back to the work environment; If something was over looked and has a short deadline to be finished, I can definitely finish things last minute. I've had a number of different bosses and managers who expect different things, and I can adjust. I had a manager at Shopko who ended up getting pregnant from a coworker. No one was expecting it or knew anything about it, for some reason she talked to me about it, but I listened. I am not going to be the person to judge and tell you what you did was wrong. I'm sure there are plenty of other people telling you. But I'll listen because that's probably what you need. Maybe it made her feel better to explain herself.
I've become a much better customer because of working in the retail/service industry. Being a waitress is hard, demanding, demeaning at times so I understand the waiters point of view when I am out to eat. I understand what they have to do, which makes it much easier for me to be understanding.
Okay, so I have a ton of homework I need to do. I think this let me calm down a bit. :) Thanks everyone.
SOOOO I leave you with this:
Psalm 55:22
Cast your burden upon the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never allow the righteous to be shaken.