Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer, Autumn, Fall?

Boy has it been a while since I've talked to the world....Last time we talked, I believe it was somewhere near 85 degrees out and 85% humidity...haha. Now, my thermometer reads a solid 50 degrees. Goodbye flip flops and tank tops, hello boots. The weather isn't the only thing changing this time of the year.
I began school 4 weeks ago to be exact....Yes, I was very sad to leave summer, but secretly, a part of me was ready to move on. Tomorrow begins our 5th week of classes marking the half way point. Crazy to think we are already that far! I am in 5 classes right now; Deterministic Modeling and Optimization (IE381), Project Management (IE340), Accounting (MS354), Ergonomics (IE3620), and professional guidance (OR402). I am actually enjoying my semester thus far as the majority of my classes are IE classes. Call me a little geeky but it excites me to learn things that I may be doing the rest of my life, or at least help me in my future career. It is MSOE though, and stress is always a huge factor, at least I am somewhat accustom to it this year.
I still have all my jobs from this summer relatively speaking. I work at the bookstore a solid 10 hours a week. It deffinately drains me sometimes and gets overwhelming with school, but nothing I can't handle and my bosses are very understanding of education over work. I'm still working at the bar on the weekends here and there. It's nice having another source of money and a little get away from school. I am on a break from AE, but still employed. Three jobs would interefere with school I think...
Speaking of the cold weather, my dad just gave me his espresso machine for my apartment, and tonight was the first time I tried it out. Believe it or not, it worked great, and I had some deliciouos coffee to enjoy after. I made the espresso and steamed the milk, which I hear isn't too easy. Better than wasting 4-5 bucks for someone to make coffee for me.
To be a little more up to date, I was able to enjoy a relaxing weekend the past few days. I didn't work at the bar this weekend which was good in the sense I could relax. Had some nice Berea time on Friday, at home, by myself, no interuptions, etc. Saturday, pretty much same thing. Saw a few friends, relaxed. Today not much different. Although 3 days of "Berea time" is enough, I'm getting bored and lonely. Supposibly in a half hour I'll be meeting with my roommates for a group project....
I have yet to began a regular work out routine so I'm still not feeling in good physical shape. BLAH.
Well its about 8 so I need to go get stuff ready for meeting with my group.
Talk to you later

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