Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Berea

Time: End of day 1 of week 5. Emotion: Happy. Location: Freezing apartment. Thoughts: Satisfied, perplexed, motivated, yet cold.
It's October 4th, 45 degrees out. I talk about weather a lot because it effects my mood quite a bit. Although, it's a cold fall night, my feelings aren't representative...
I hung out with my roommates for a good chunk of time tonight. We had a "breakthrough", I'd say. I'm not going to talk much about it because they aren't my feelings to tell, but it relieves some tension in the house. I like talking. I like telling my feelings and trying to come closer to understanding others feelings. It makes me happy, call me crazy.
I got some homework done ahead of time, and it feels awesome to be in the 5th week of classes and not behind in any of my classes or feeling the need to be stressed and stay up all night to finish homework, but actually ahead a bit.
Although my night went from roommate night to roommates and their boyfriends plus Berea night. It bothers me being the only single one in the house, but I need to come to peace with it. I need to be comfortable with myself. I am ever so slightly getting closer to this point and good for me. It's only taken me about 6 months and I need not rush it.
I spent the past hour or so working on my resume. It depresses me. I feel like there is so much to know about Berea that can't be written on a single sheet of paper. I'm a deeper person than my work experience, qualifications, and education can show in print. But companies don't have time to get to know the whole Berea, understandable. Employers shop for the best employee. I think we can agree that when you go shopping, you're probably looking for something different than what the other thousand people in the mall are shopping for. So how do I "sell" myself as the best product everyone is shopping for? I think if we knew the answer to this, getting a job would be EASY. So anyways, editing my resume can get to be depressing, I want the perfect resume, who doesn't? Career fair Friday, I'm nervous. All of MSOE fighting for jobs/internships, relatively speaking. Awesome.
Easy day tomorrow. Project management and accounting and two hours of work. And some more Berea time...
By the way, I think elephants live above me. Nocturnal elephants. That romp around their house late at night and wee hours of the morning. Go to bed elephants...
Can't wait for a nice cup of coffee in the morning, a relaxing day, and to learn some new stuff....
Good night Bereas blog readers.

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