Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I cant have

"Don't make this think you can have anything you want." -This is the phrase that came from my mom tonight at dinner.
So, yesterday was my birthday and I've been on a bender of eating out it seems, while I was at home with my parents the past few days. Yes, they spoil me. Anyways, I ordered the new iPhone 4G today, which I'll say was a birthday present from my parents. I currently have the 3G, for a little background. So, my mom wanted to make it clear that this doesn't mean I get whatever I want, since this was a big purchase etc etc.
Well, this got me thinking, "What can't I have". I mean, if I can talk my parents into buying me another iphone, and they gave me the car I have and help me financially, how spoiled am I?
I can tell you, I won't be buying a 2010 car anytime soon, I won't be living in a pent house anytime soon, I won't be flying myself to cancun for spring break, I won't be going on huge shopping spree's etc. I can't have everything I want. But what is everything I want? I could say I want to eat at fancy restaurants every night, but I don't. I could say I want to spend hundreds of dollars at the mall, but there are more important things to me. I could say I want a new car, but mine gets me where I need to go. I could say I want to fly somewhere expensive for a vacation, but visiting my brother in Colorado was just as good to me. Sure, luxury things are nice, but I am just as content not having the best. So is it okay that I splurge to get an iPhone? I'd like to think so.
I can't have the perfect boyfriend. I mean maybe some day, but I can't just go grocery shopping for a boy. HAHAHH what a thought....
I can't have the internship I dream of. I mean, hopefully, but it's not as easy as buying an iPhone.
I can't have straight A's.....or, I can't "buy" straight A's.
See, the important things in life you can't buy. That's why they're important. If anyone could buy these things, they would lose value/ worth. That's why I've tried to be less materialistic. I still like to look nice and have good electronics (iPhone), but overall I'd like to think I do better than many millenials/gen Yers.
Hmmm food for thought.

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