Thursday, August 12, 2010


I had an awesome workout today. Why? I watch the news (CNN, Fox, etc...) when I work out so that I don't focus on how long I've been exercising and convince myself I should quit. Anyhew! I always have a good workout when something good is on the news, like today. Headline: Protests for jobless benefits. GAG! I understand that our economy is BAD, horrible, etc. Trust me, my dad has pounded it in my head. Okay, but jobless benefits?...What are we coming to? Let's encourage the lazy to be even lazier. Sure, I'm only 20 and don't have kids or a house, but I go to a private school and have debt. So, should I protest that I deserve a house because I don't have a 60,000 dollar a year job? Hm, nah. If the government gives the unemployed what they want in order to have a good life, what will ever make them want to go back to work?
Next question; I'm glad people have time to protest instead of looking for a job. Haha oxymoron?
Oh politics, never ends. Thank God there are people that like doing that stuff for a living, I just couldn't do it.
I TRY to stay out of it, cause honestly, what do I know? Please don't take any of my comments personally, just something to think about eh?

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