Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Girls

Sorry for not talking in a very long while. I've come to the point that blogging doesn't do much for me. In the sense that I very much so censor what I write because of who may be reading this. Censoring in the sense that I may be frustrated at someone, but I wouldn't want to offend anyone by writing it on here. Or I might be having boy problems and don't really need the whole world seeing that aspect of my life that is very personal.

But anyways!...The biggest update of my summer was the trip to Colorado that I just got back from. My friend Alyssa and I went out to Colorado for about 5 days to visit my brother and do some sight seeing. I took Alyssa to Sabetha Kansas last summer on a road trip and we decided to start a tradition of traveling to different places so Colorado was our destination this summer.

We stayed with my brother at Tahosa Scout Camp, where he is working for the summer. To our surprise, we were given a cabin to stay in and free meals per the camp. What a better vacation than getting a free place to stay and free food!? We did do some work for the camp like washing dishes after the boyscouts ate, but we honestly didn't mind. Everyone was very nice and welcoming of us and I made some good friends that I already miss after only knowing for a few short days.

One of the things I wanted to do while in Colorado was to hike Long's Peak. It sounds easy right? Hiking can't be that hard if you've never been to the mountains before, or so you think. Long's Peak round trip is about 14-15 miles and a 5,000 foot ascent to the top at 14, 259 feet. So Alyssa and I wake up at 2:45 to get our stuff together and leave for the trail head of Long's Peak. We set out on the trail at about 4 am in hopes of making it to the summit before 1pm and beat the rain. Both of us aren't in the best shape or used to the altitude whatsoever. The first 500-1000 feet had us both panting like dogs. After we got over the intitial shock of the incline and difficulty, I think things got better and we moved at a much steadier pace. It was fun for me being the first time I was the most experienced hiker in a group or not having my brother there to motivate me, I was the motivator. Making it out of treeline was our first excitement, because it made us both feel like we were getting somewhere even though the summit still looked so far away. At about 10 we made it to Boulder Field, which was also very exciting. The Keyhole was now within view and was another milestone we had to look forward to. Although, it looked like a short hike, it took about an hour or more to reach the Keyhole. Getting there was so exciting. Knowing I had made it further than many people and done something most of my friends would never imagine doing on a vacation. Besides the fact of me being out of shape and still pushing myself to do it. When we got to the Keyhole Alyssa was feeling very sick, as was I. We both had unbearable headaches, which I can only describe to you as someone squeezing my head so hard it was ready to explode, literally. Alyssa said it hurt her to even move her eyes or attempt looking at the sky. We had both lost our appetite which is very bad if you are unable to eat after hiking 7 miles and 7 hours..
We decided we would be turning around because neither of us were in the condition to continue for our safety. I still think of it as an accomplishment and am so proud of Alyssa for doing something not many people our age would do.

Leaving Colorado was very sad for both of us. Saying good bye to my brother and his coworkers, leaving the mountains, and ending our vacation. :(

Other than that, I might be addicted to Sushi now. My birthday is in less than a week. And I am trying to make every day of summer last.

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