Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Summer...

SORRRY EVERYONE!!! for the lack of updating...
To be completely honest, I've been crazy busy making decisions and figuring some stuff out and I don't always like talking about that kind of stuff because when I change my mind or things change unexpected, I hate giving false sense of what's going on. Hope that makes sense....So for the updates!!!:

Summer: -Something Wisconsin does not experience, do not lie to yourself. Two weeks of "warm" weather does not count ;) Okay, don't get mad at me for saying this, it's just my personal opinion.

Anyways, I ended the semester alright...My GPA isn't what I'd like but I made it through all my courses, thank God :) I started a summer class that is going okay, just okay due to some other things I'll be explaining later in this post....

To those of you who have no hope in this economy, I want to share a positive experience...Since about March, I have been offered 5 positions for various jobs. Granted they are all college type jobs, it proves that if you put forth an effort, there are possibilities for sure. So when school ended, my job at the bookstore did as well. For the summer anyways, when school starts in the fall, I will be returning to the bookstore. So that left me to find a job for the summer. As I mentioned a while ago, I got a job as a cocktail waitress at a place right down the street from my apartment, convenient I know. That is every Friday and Saturday night, so I wanted another job to keep me busy during the week. I was then interviewed for a waitressing position at a different restaurant a couple blocks away from my house and was offered the job. After training 5 days, I was completely worn out, was running on about 2 hours of sleep for a couple nights and had an entire menu to memorize, including every dish served and what everything includes, it was just kind of rediculous considering I had another job AND taking an important summer class. So I resigned from my position after feeling like I couldn't keep up, that was something really hard for me to admit. Here I am in the middle of a poor economy with two jobs and I quit one because it was too hard....30 years ago, that would not have been acceptable I feel. People are doing much harder work than I, am I always going to quit when things are too hard? NOOOOO, not at all. But when I am running my body into the ground and taking my job more important than my education, there's a problem and in that sense, I'm glad I did what I did. So I still want another weekday job, because my class won't go all summer and I could use more money than I'm making on the weekends.
I had another interview about a month ago at American Eagle but didn't hear anything for a month so I figured it was a lost cause and they had filled the position. Low and behold I get a call and offered the job. This is when I quit the job I had only trained for and accepted this position. I start training for that in about a week and a half.
So I ended up missing a class because I got a verrry sore throat and was very overtired. With only having 10 classes, missing one was deathly. Thank God, I got caught up and did better than I expected on my first test.
So I've been trying to make it to the beach when I can. When this stupid weather is nice enough....
Meanwhile I've been dealing with the drama of never ends. So I live day to day dealing with it as it comes...blah
Happy Summer all....I'll try to stay in touch.

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