Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 9...

...Hence why you haven't been hearing from me.

My classes are closing down and coming to an end, which means no tests, but lots of homework and figuring out my grades and doing last minute things to try and bring my grade up. Finishing projects, etc.

I haven't had much time to workout which is stressing me also. I find I am the happiest when I can get at least an hour workout in a day. Otherwise I feel lazy, fat, etc.

I'm having a lot going on in the job world these days. I am currently working about 10 hours a week at the bookstore providing I don't have homework or whatever. Then I have the restaurant job, which I'm only working a couple nights a week (mostly weekends) right now because I said I have school coming to an end and it is kind of stressful...

Other EXCITING news!!!--I have an interview at American Eagle today!! I hope all goes well because it is one of my favorite stores, and it would be great to have a day job for the summer. The main reason I got an interview was because one of my close friends works there and her boss asked if she had any friends that wanted a summer job. :) It's all about who you know...unfortunately? or fortunately?

Keep me in your prayers with school coming to an end and finals, and job situations.

Thanks love you all!

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