Monday, April 26, 2010

Quality Assurance

Hello all!

Good weekend=Happy Berea on Monday.

Friday I went to the Brewers/Cubs game. Unfortunately the Brewers got swept by the cubs....unfortunate. But I met some new people, which I always love. :)
Saturday was my close friends birthday so we took her to dinner. Then I had an interview at a bar for a waitress/bartending position (at 10pm on Saturday by the way.) It went very well I think, the guy that I talked to just has to talk to his boss and he said he'd give me a good recomendation!

Other news: I get my apartment Saturday. My roommates and I are camping out in our new place and painting. yay! We got the keys on Friday, so we are all set. Rent is due Saturday and I'm really hoping my loan comes through Friday like it's supposed to...

This week for school:
Quality Assurance test today at 3
ME207 Lab; Stress in a cantilever Beam, due tomorrow
Differential Equations test Wed
ME207 Chapter 7 homework; Flectural Stress due Wed
Just have to make it to Wednesday night!

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