Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Just hope you're Heaven sent, and you're hell proof"

We can't predict life after death, but we can sure think about it.

So this week is definitely going slower than I had expected and I've been WAY busier than expected. A couple homework assignments that took way longer than they should have/than I expected. I've had a couple meetings with different people; my lab group for my Mechanics of Materials class, today I have a meeting with a Milwaukee company that I am doing a project for. Then tonight I am going to see a Christian comedian. Just busy.

Next Saturday I officially get to move into my first apartment! :) We get the keys this Friday, and then next weekend myself and two roommates are spending the weekend together at the apartment. Excited=DUHHHH.

Still looking for a summer job although I have some strong leads. We'll see, yano.

So the past month I've learned a lot, A LOT about myself. Good things, I think. Stuff that you don't realize when you have a boyfriend for 3 years. I'm just happy that we've grown up to the point that we realize what's best and can still be friends and move on.

For other news, I am extremely dissapointed the warm weather I ordered hasn't arrived...

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