Thursday, April 8, 2010


Being home is too depressing.
I'm on spring break right now. Thanks to trimesters, no one else in this country is on Spring break...okay just kidding.

So being home...
I'm done hearing "Berea, this economy is REALLY bad."
I KNOW IT'S do I know?...
#1: My brother: Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering, masters in Material Science....and no job.
#2: I live in the state with the most bars in America I think...and I have my bartending license and experience bartending and waitressing, so I'm looking for a summer job in Milwaukee doing either of those things and right now, it's not looking promising. This is all depressing and I'm sick of talking/hearing about it.

So I've been working on a project :)
I took my brothers old dresser and am fixing it up.
It had a ton of stickers on it, so I spent a good hour+ taking those off.
Then I started sanding it so I could paint it. Hurt my wrist doing that.
Bought paint and new nobs for it.
I just got done with the first layer of paint tonight before calling it quits.
And I've learned it's really hard to paint nobs...haha
It's nice having SOMETHING to do/work on.

I'm not working this week, which is kind of depressing. I've found Sheboygan Falls is quite boring.

I just can't wait to move into my first apartment (May 1st!) and spend my first summer away from home. Exciting. Just pray I find some work......

I might be working on campus this summer for the mail room, that is looking promising because my current boss at the bookstore gave me a good recommendation. It would be a morning/afternoon job which would be good because HOPEFULLY I could find some restaurant/ bar to work at at night.

I applied for a loan so I can have money to pay rent and....

I am taking a summer class through MSOE so the loan would help pay for that class as well.

I think I'll be staying busy this summer, praying I get jobs like I want....haha. This is no time to be wanting "with this economy"....

In the meantime, I'll be trying to stay out of trouble and find my real friends.

I know this was a random post, sorry.

OH AND!...
I've been focusing on my weight quite closely lately. To keep the story short, I've lost about 7lbs in the past 2 weeks. That might sounds like a lot but I'm just trying to get to where I'm comfortable. I've gained a bit too much being in college for my comfort, so I figured I would do something while I can before it gets out of control.

Well, it's nighttime for this pumpkin...

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