Monday, March 8, 2010

Sex, Drugs, Money

Quarter break came and went TOOOO fast. I spent the first weekend of my break in Michigan. Then 4 days working 8 hrs/day for my dad. Not to complain, I was in good company, doing easier work than homework, but it was draining waking up and working a full 8 hours. I guess I don't do that much with school, or homework is getting easier for me to do and I lose track of time. Anyways, I came back to school for the weekend to hang out with my friends and have a few days to chill before starting again...

I worked in the bookstore today. 8 hours actually. It's called "book rush" right now, because with starting a new semester/quarter (whatever you want to call it), everyone is in the rush to buy books before they need to use them. So my boss lets us work as much as we can handle to get hours and money since we don't get much homework this first week and the bookstore is CRAZY. So in between going to class, I worked a lot today. I'm tired.

I had Differential Equations today and IE348 (Quality assurance). Don't ask me how they went cause it's the first day and all you do is get a syllabus which the professor usually changes throughout the semester anyways...I'm just really tired.

Is it bad to say I felt like it was almost "hot" outside today? You know what the high was?...46. I hate my life that 46 feels "hot" to me. I was outside in jeans, a t-shirt, and a light jacket and I was sweating. To think in Kansas 60 degrees was still considered somewhat "cold". It all confuses me and my body...

My roommate went to Guatemala over break for a mission type trip. Anyways, she brought all 3 of us roommates back sweet bracelets. Pretty excited, they're sweet. THANKS AGAIN KIKI!

Okay so this post has nothing to do with sex, money, or drugs, but I bet it got your attention?


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