Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So this is my second week of classes and I had some personal exciting revelations.

I am taking a class called Work Methods(IE2450). So we talk about Industrial Engineering methods and how to improve things and etc. Anyways, everything kind of clicked in lecture today. It's sooo exciting to be talking about IE terms and understand them. And it also came clearer to me on how to describe what Industrial Engineers do. I ALWAYS get the question: "So what is an Industrial Engineer". Believe it or not, this is a terribly difficult question. Why? Because we are trained to do such a wide variety of things/skills that you can't just narrow it down to one specific thing. For my major, in my course track, I take Mechanical Engineering classes, Electrical Engineering, physics, lots of math, buisness, etc. Anyways, in all of those classes we learn about machinery or circuits and that kind of thing but it occured to me in this work methods class I'm taking that, sure we have to understand the machinery and physics and math behind stuff, but it is so much about people. We had a whole lecture today basically just on motion economy. I never knew there were so many things that go into a kind of simple process. Everything from your finger, hand, arm, feet movements to physical constraints and how you might think you can't walk on water, but really it's not impossible, you just have to find something to help you do it. Anyways, this all excited me because I've had a couple jobs where the processes you do on a daily basis are SO far from efficient, or simply buying a new telephone could help improve the difficulty of a task. Don't get me wrong, it's not all about buying new things to get to be more efficient, those are just the easy examples.
Okay, so does it make me a geek to say it secretly makes me happy to understand what six sigma, lean, and ergonomics mean? Well, then I know I'm spending 40k a year to get to where I want and I'm not wasting my time OR MONEY!

Other news: APARTMENT APARTMENT APARTMENT! My roommates and I have signed the lease and are waiting to be approved (or waiting for our parents to be approved). We haven't heard anything bad yet, so I assume there haven't been any troubles. May 1st we officially get the place. Can I tell you how excited I am!? Okay, not so excited to be racking up some more debt, but it beats living in the dorms most definitely, and cheaper in the long run. I just need to figure out my loan options, because as it stands, I don't have money to pay for rent out of pocket, although the $500 deposit I just made, completely drains my account, which is sad to see the $400 I earned over break leave so quickly. At least I have a job through May though. Keep me in your prayers for finding a job for the summer! Please and thank you.

Plans for this week include:
No work today! Nice to finally have a day to relax.
St.Patty's Day tomorrow
Cookout with my boss and roommate Thursday
No need to explain the weekend.


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