Monday, February 8, 2010

GREEN, the new pink?


Mom, this is for you, hope the picture helps. :)

Okay, so I've NEVER been big on the whole "green" phaze, I mean, what is one thing I recycle going to help our system blah blah blah...Well, since I've come to college and don't play any sports, I find myself using the gym quite often (5days a week average). As I'm in the gym, during peek hours with all 6 tredmils being used, all 7 elipticals being used, the rowing team on our 8 rowing machines, some other team using the 10+ stationary bikes we have, the wrestlers using the dozen lifting machines, I am amazed at how much physical activity is being done, yet not being harnessed one bit. I always wonder if all the work we are doing could power the TV's we're watching? Or the lights in the gym, etc. So I did some research...

I found a company ReRev that has EXACLTY WHAT I WANT. "A system that converts human energy into a usable form of renewable energy." There are currently 12 gyms using this method across the country. You know what my wish is? You guessed it. How awesome would it be to start this at my own school?!

Okay okay, so maybe I'm dreaming big, but it's not like something that's never been done...

Other news:

I went to buy new running shoes this morning because my old pair I've had about 2+ years and after having shin splints for the past 3 months, my trainer LAUGHED at me cause I've had the same pair of shoes for so long in running terms..So anyways, I learned this morning that I've been buying shoes "too small" for me apparently, but in my opinion, 2 sizes bigger is not comfortable. I also learned my right foot is a 1/2 to a whole size bigger than my left. Weirdddd. Whatever the case, I just want a new pair of running shoes, because after running a measly 2 miles today in my old shoes, my shin splints were hurting as bad as ever.

Unfortunately, or this may be a good thing?, I have a high pain threshold so even though it hurts, I'm not making them any better by continually running with the pain. But since I can deal with the pain, I don't want to switch to eliptical or's so boring to me.
Talking about high pain threshold, I had a friend who hurt his hand this past week. He iced it and thought it would be fine after a while but decided to go to the doctor after his mom told him to. See anything wrong with the x-ray? Haha, I don't have to be a doctor to see that. ouch.

One last thing. I'm attempting to give blood tomorrow (today)! Pray that I can! If I can't, I'm affraid this will be my last attempt. I'm sick of getting rejected.
Lots of love :)

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