Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

So I scheduled my classes for next semester this morning. As always, super frustrating. Not getting the section of classes you want, things being closed, having to e-mail the right people to figure something out...etc. So I'm on a waiting list for my most important class next semester. What does that mean? I don't know. What if I'm not admitted?...stupid.

So this is my last week before finals. More stress. I have a test today in statics. Just praying I do well. I feel confident.

I did a lot of chores this morning. Take out the trash, recycling, cleaned the microwave that hasn't been cleaned in months. I hate being such a clean person....things that bother me don't bother half the people around me.

I've allllways loved the olympics. Just so interesting. Speed skating, Snowboard cross, figure skating, curling, hockey, skiing... :) My dream is to go to the olympics some day. Not as an athlete, but to watch the sports live, I think that'd be awesome.

Guess I didn't really have much to say today. Just a little update.

oh p.s. happy mardi gras?

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