Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I have such a busy life, yet I find it hard to know what to talk about in my blog.

As I started to think what I should write (because it's been a while) I caught myself thinking "well I could say I've learned about this, I've learned about that, etc" and realized how much stuff I am learning at this stage in my life.

I'm learning about the economy, about adulthood, about relationships, about people, LOTS about school, job hunting, money, and the list goes on.

What good is learning if you don't have the time to process and think about it all?

That's when I stay STOP.

Trying to learn about all these things, analyze them, and teach myself...I realize it's important to understand WHY I'm learning.

I learn about the economy so I hopefully don't make the mistakes others have. I try to figure out growing up and being an adult so I don't make a fool of myself or get stuck trying to be a teenager all my life. I talk to people about their relationships and try and figure out mine as well so I don't burn bridges or make mistakes. I love learning about people, because everyone is SO different and if you don't understand where other people are coming from, you can't find anything in common or always think you're right. This is associated with learning peoples feelings. Even if I haven't been through the situation you have, if you tell me your feelings, I relate those to feelings I have so I can understand the situation. School is about learning how to learn, teaching yourself how to study is key. No one else can tell you how to learn or how to study because I can't think of one person that learns or studies the way I do. Job hunting is draining. Talking about yourself in applications, resumes, interviews. Telling the company you're better than the other canidates, but in reality it's shunned if you say you are "better" than someone else. But the point is; you go job hunting to find a job, of course, but you learn about yourself, your qualifications, experience, etc.

I've had my most recent "life-learning" lesson this semester.
It has to do with being happy. Knowing what makes yourself happy, and I'm not talking about tangible things, actually the opposite. For me, working out is my biggest stress reliever. I had a bad day, a bad test, an arguement with a friend, whatever, I head to the gym and start running on a tredmil. Blaring my music so all I can think about are the words of the artist. Watching CNN to get myself past the walls of MSOE.
Learn from your mistakes and move on, be happy. Talk to people that make you happy, do activities that make you happy. I feel like everything goes better when you can put a smile on your face. If all else fails, put vaseline on your teeth. ;) JUST KIDDING.

So if you come up a day late or a dollar short, take a deeeeep breath....and smile.

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