Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's blizzarding out right now. Why? Because we live in Wisconsin? Why do I live in Wisconsin?

Okay so besides being color blind because the only thing I see is white...I have some other news..

You need to read my last post before this one if you haven't.

Numero Uno: First day at work this morning. All was well, filled out some paper work and learned a bunch of stuff I'm going to forget. But it was cool because I got to work with my roommate and boss who seems super cool. (She's already invited me and my roommate (Kiki) for pizza at her house after break :) )

Numero Dos: So the owner of the apartment we were looking at says he wants us to start our lease for April. We all agreed that was too soon and we don't want to pay an extra month and a half we won't be living there. So we said no, the earliest we would be willing is May. Besides the fact, if we move in too early, it will mess everything up for future years of getting an apartment and what not. So we are waiting to hear if he will let us wait until May. PLEASE pray no one else applys for the apartment between times! We all agree we can't stop thinking about this apartment and were really excited for it to work out. So keep us in your prayers!

Numero Tres: I'm heading to Michigan this weekend. :) Yay for having a break and getting away for a little bit. Jordan (my boyfriend) and I are going to visit his brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and can't forget Lola and Jack (their dogs). I've heard they've got a few things planned for us, so it should be a fun weekend get away. We are going back home Sunday to hopefully have a peaceful break away from school. Can't wait to see my kitty, squeaky!

There's the princess herself.

Two finals left: Thursday 2-4 and Friday 8-10, I just want to be done.

Note to self: I need new AAA batteries. My calculator died in the middle of my IE exam, sweet huh?


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