Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just gave blood. YAY me.

It is now 11AM let me tell you about my day so far.

8:15 I wake up, shower, take my iron pill.

8:40 I'm putting on my makeup and start throwing up....

9:00 IE203 class, which I go to even after throwing up less than 20 min before.

10:00 I decide to give blood because I'm feeling fine anyways.

So, I had a crazy morning and learned a few things. First of all, I concluded that I threw up because I've been taking iron pills for the past week because I never have high enough iron to give blood. Also the fact that I hadn't eaten anything before or soon after taking the vitamin. I felt fine during class so I decided that wasn't going to stop me from trying to give blood. So after class, I went to donate, crossing my fingers my iron was high enough, which is when I learned another new thing. They changed the test they do now for testing for iron. They now test for hemoglobin instead of hematocrit, which is apparently more accurate. I passed! Needing a 12.5, I got a 12.7.

So now I'm eating a nutter butter, waiting for the cafe to open so I can get lunch and trying not to think of how much my arm hurts from the needle....

I think no running today. Maybe a nice nap after my last class today.

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