Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's blizzarding out right now. Why? Because we live in Wisconsin? Why do I live in Wisconsin?

Okay so besides being color blind because the only thing I see is white...I have some other news..

You need to read my last post before this one if you haven't.

Numero Uno: First day at work this morning. All was well, filled out some paper work and learned a bunch of stuff I'm going to forget. But it was cool because I got to work with my roommate and boss who seems super cool. (She's already invited me and my roommate (Kiki) for pizza at her house after break :) )

Numero Dos: So the owner of the apartment we were looking at says he wants us to start our lease for April. We all agreed that was too soon and we don't want to pay an extra month and a half we won't be living there. So we said no, the earliest we would be willing is May. Besides the fact, if we move in too early, it will mess everything up for future years of getting an apartment and what not. So we are waiting to hear if he will let us wait until May. PLEASE pray no one else applys for the apartment between times! We all agree we can't stop thinking about this apartment and were really excited for it to work out. So keep us in your prayers!

Numero Tres: I'm heading to Michigan this weekend. :) Yay for having a break and getting away for a little bit. Jordan (my boyfriend) and I are going to visit his brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and can't forget Lola and Jack (their dogs). I've heard they've got a few things planned for us, so it should be a fun weekend get away. We are going back home Sunday to hopefully have a peaceful break away from school. Can't wait to see my kitty, squeaky!

There's the princess herself.

Two finals left: Thursday 2-4 and Friday 8-10, I just want to be done.

Note to self: I need new AAA batteries. My calculator died in the middle of my IE exam, sweet huh?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

11th and Final week


Started off exciting, with no final on Monday. Yay, slept in, felt great.
But lets rewind 24 hours because Sunday was also exciting....

Myself and my two current roommates are looking for a place to live next year off campus, we've had enough of the dorms...So we toured a place on Sunday that seemed to be what we were looking for. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen with dishwasher!, washer/dryer in unit, office, living room, close to campus. We had made a list of things we wanted a few months back and surprisingly, the place we looked at marked off everything on the list, besides being a penthouse like I wanted. (Haha, just joking!!) Also, the price of this place was very good compared to other places we'd seen for the quality/quantity. We are handing in our applications very soon to hopefully be able to be approved and get the place by May/June. Needless to say, we are all very excited!! Pray everything works out the way it's supposed to.

Today brought some more excitement.
My friend and I who are currently unemployed spent the majority of our afternoon applying for more jobs downtown Milwaukee, mainly restaurant type jobs. We seem to be in the awkward stage....early enough to start freaking out we might be living in Milwaukee over the summer jobless but not quite time that companies are thinking about extra summer help and how many positions they will need filled. Hopefully I made an impression somewhere.
Getting back from job hunting, I get a call from my roommate. She works at the bookstore on campus and had told me last week sometime, they were unexpectedly needing another person to work at the bookstore. I got a little excited, but not too much, because I've been let down numerous times coming close to getting a job, then falling through. Anyways, she said her boss wanted to talk to me ASAP so I, of course, sprinted to the bookstore to be greeted by my roommate happily introducing me to her boss. Two questions later she asked when I could start training. So good news: YES! I have a job at least for the next 11 weeks. :) Details to come later.

So this week is finals week and I have my IE203 (probability and statistics in Industrial Engineering) final tomorrow. Bring it on.

busy Berea

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

So I scheduled my classes for next semester this morning. As always, super frustrating. Not getting the section of classes you want, things being closed, having to e-mail the right people to figure something out...etc. So I'm on a waiting list for my most important class next semester. What does that mean? I don't know. What if I'm not admitted?...stupid.

So this is my last week before finals. More stress. I have a test today in statics. Just praying I do well. I feel confident.

I did a lot of chores this morning. Take out the trash, recycling, cleaned the microwave that hasn't been cleaned in months. I hate being such a clean person....things that bother me don't bother half the people around me.

I've allllways loved the olympics. Just so interesting. Speed skating, Snowboard cross, figure skating, curling, hockey, skiing... :) My dream is to go to the olympics some day. Not as an athlete, but to watch the sports live, I think that'd be awesome.

Guess I didn't really have much to say today. Just a little update.

oh p.s. happy mardi gras?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just gave blood. YAY me.

It is now 11AM let me tell you about my day so far.

8:15 I wake up, shower, take my iron pill.

8:40 I'm putting on my makeup and start throwing up....

9:00 IE203 class, which I go to even after throwing up less than 20 min before.

10:00 I decide to give blood because I'm feeling fine anyways.

So, I had a crazy morning and learned a few things. First of all, I concluded that I threw up because I've been taking iron pills for the past week because I never have high enough iron to give blood. Also the fact that I hadn't eaten anything before or soon after taking the vitamin. I felt fine during class so I decided that wasn't going to stop me from trying to give blood. So after class, I went to donate, crossing my fingers my iron was high enough, which is when I learned another new thing. They changed the test they do now for testing for iron. They now test for hemoglobin instead of hematocrit, which is apparently more accurate. I passed! Needing a 12.5, I got a 12.7.

So now I'm eating a nutter butter, waiting for the cafe to open so I can get lunch and trying not to think of how much my arm hurts from the needle....

I think no running today. Maybe a nice nap after my last class today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

GREEN, the new pink?


Mom, this is for you, hope the picture helps. :)

Okay, so I've NEVER been big on the whole "green" phaze, I mean, what is one thing I recycle going to help our system blah blah blah...Well, since I've come to college and don't play any sports, I find myself using the gym quite often (5days a week average). As I'm in the gym, during peek hours with all 6 tredmils being used, all 7 elipticals being used, the rowing team on our 8 rowing machines, some other team using the 10+ stationary bikes we have, the wrestlers using the dozen lifting machines, I am amazed at how much physical activity is being done, yet not being harnessed one bit. I always wonder if all the work we are doing could power the TV's we're watching? Or the lights in the gym, etc. So I did some research...

I found a company ReRev that has EXACLTY WHAT I WANT. "A system that converts human energy into a usable form of renewable energy." There are currently 12 gyms using this method across the country. You know what my wish is? You guessed it. How awesome would it be to start this at my own school?!

Okay okay, so maybe I'm dreaming big, but it's not like something that's never been done...

Other news:

I went to buy new running shoes this morning because my old pair I've had about 2+ years and after having shin splints for the past 3 months, my trainer LAUGHED at me cause I've had the same pair of shoes for so long in running terms..So anyways, I learned this morning that I've been buying shoes "too small" for me apparently, but in my opinion, 2 sizes bigger is not comfortable. I also learned my right foot is a 1/2 to a whole size bigger than my left. Weirdddd. Whatever the case, I just want a new pair of running shoes, because after running a measly 2 miles today in my old shoes, my shin splints were hurting as bad as ever.

Unfortunately, or this may be a good thing?, I have a high pain threshold so even though it hurts, I'm not making them any better by continually running with the pain. But since I can deal with the pain, I don't want to switch to eliptical or's so boring to me.
Talking about high pain threshold, I had a friend who hurt his hand this past week. He iced it and thought it would be fine after a while but decided to go to the doctor after his mom told him to. See anything wrong with the x-ray? Haha, I don't have to be a doctor to see that. ouch.

One last thing. I'm attempting to give blood tomorrow (today)! Pray that I can! If I can't, I'm affraid this will be my last attempt. I'm sick of getting rejected.
Lots of love :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I have such a busy life, yet I find it hard to know what to talk about in my blog.

As I started to think what I should write (because it's been a while) I caught myself thinking "well I could say I've learned about this, I've learned about that, etc" and realized how much stuff I am learning at this stage in my life.

I'm learning about the economy, about adulthood, about relationships, about people, LOTS about school, job hunting, money, and the list goes on.

What good is learning if you don't have the time to process and think about it all?

That's when I stay STOP.

Trying to learn about all these things, analyze them, and teach myself...I realize it's important to understand WHY I'm learning.

I learn about the economy so I hopefully don't make the mistakes others have. I try to figure out growing up and being an adult so I don't make a fool of myself or get stuck trying to be a teenager all my life. I talk to people about their relationships and try and figure out mine as well so I don't burn bridges or make mistakes. I love learning about people, because everyone is SO different and if you don't understand where other people are coming from, you can't find anything in common or always think you're right. This is associated with learning peoples feelings. Even if I haven't been through the situation you have, if you tell me your feelings, I relate those to feelings I have so I can understand the situation. School is about learning how to learn, teaching yourself how to study is key. No one else can tell you how to learn or how to study because I can't think of one person that learns or studies the way I do. Job hunting is draining. Talking about yourself in applications, resumes, interviews. Telling the company you're better than the other canidates, but in reality it's shunned if you say you are "better" than someone else. But the point is; you go job hunting to find a job, of course, but you learn about yourself, your qualifications, experience, etc.

I've had my most recent "life-learning" lesson this semester.
It has to do with being happy. Knowing what makes yourself happy, and I'm not talking about tangible things, actually the opposite. For me, working out is my biggest stress reliever. I had a bad day, a bad test, an arguement with a friend, whatever, I head to the gym and start running on a tredmil. Blaring my music so all I can think about are the words of the artist. Watching CNN to get myself past the walls of MSOE.
Learn from your mistakes and move on, be happy. Talk to people that make you happy, do activities that make you happy. I feel like everything goes better when you can put a smile on your face. If all else fails, put vaseline on your teeth. ;) JUST KIDDING.

So if you come up a day late or a dollar short, take a deeeeep breath....and smile.