Monday, January 18, 2010

What did you learn today?

The famous question asked in millions of households across the world each and every day. "What did you learn today?"

Mondays are my easy days...relatively speaking (no day is "easy") but compared to the rest of the week. I had 2 classes; linguistics and statics. In linguistics we learned about the sound system of the English language. Like how we know how to say: tough, bough, cough, and dough. Don't they all look the same? But somehow we just know how they are pronounced, and theyre basically all different. Interesting huh? Or how Grade A and Grey Day are pronouced literally the same way, but mean completely different things. Language is SUCH a complex thing, yet we know so much about it, without really knowing we know so much.
In statics, I learned about frames and machines. Do you know what an internally stable system is? And the difference between that and internally unstable system? Do you know what that has to do with support reactions? Or how to find the sum of the moments of a frame? If you can answer these questions, you are probably an engineer or becoming one. It's fun to talk about things that not everyone knows. Because everyone I'm surrounded by understands this jargon, so I don't feel as smart when talking to them. I'm sure all other professionals feel the same way. I wouldn't have any idea if a psychologist used technical language..

I learned today it's hard to study for an open book/note/homework test. I have 5 weeks of material that will possibly show up on a test tomorrow. Tons of equations, deffinitions, concepts. Do I write the important ones in my notes? Do I memorize them all? It shouldn't really be that hard of a test...I hope not.

I listened to a presentation today in IIE that was very informational. Three people from the Blood Center came and talked to us about lean stuff. I found it really interesting. For example, platets have to be used within a certain time period or they become outdated and unusable. This time period amounts to hours. (About 1-2 days I think.) Anyways, the blood center was having to throw away quite a few of these platet products. So their project was to reduce the amount of waste. They said most of their projects come from ideas from employees. Employees saying something is inefficient, or bringing a problem into view. It's important when you are in a higher position to listen to those below you, because they know hands on, what is going on. It was just interesting to see the thought process of how they attacked and solved the problems they had/have. Enough IE talk, I'm sure it doesn't excite you as much as it does me.

Yay for 38 degree days....makes it harder to accept the possible freezing rain in the coming days though...

I think I want to rearrange my room. I need something different.



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