Monday, January 4, 2010


1. An accent in music
2. The internal resistance a material offers to being deformed and is measured in terms of the applied load.
3.Phisiological or physcological.

Here at MSOE we deal a lot with stress. It is very important especially in materials classes to understand the force, pressure, and stress certain object exert on other certain objects. It can get quite complicated. Not only do we learn about mechanical stresses but as wikipedia would say, biological stresses as well.

Have you ever had to do something you kind of know how to do or would understand if someone else showed you, but if you did it on your own, it would probably be a disaster? I feel like that discribes my life on a daily basis. I get so much homework that looks familiar and I would probably know how to do better than most people but doesn't come together. I can spend hours teaching myselef a topic only to realize I haven't showed any work of progress. Like tonight. I've spent almost 4 hours on a 17 problem assignment, and I have actually only completed two problems. Not so great, when I have 2 days to finish. At the rate I'm going, it would take me 32 hours to finish the rest of my homework and there are 40 hours until it is due. That means I have 8 free hours I wouldn't have to be doing the homework for this class. But subtract the 5 hours of classes I have the next two day, so I'm down to 3 hours of sleeping, eating, and doing homework for other classes. Are you lost? I hope not because if you were paying attention, this kind of means I'm not doing so well.
Let's just put it this way....I shouldn't be wasting time writing on my blog right now. And secondly, I just need to make it to 4pm on Wednesday. Oh, and lastly, I need to remind myself, it is just one assignment. Now, there's no way I want to do bad on it or let that stop me from still trying really hard. But let's be serious....In five years will this assignment matter? Only if it causes me to fail this class, drop out of school, and leave me with two years worth of crazy debt. Hmmm....If that happened, I'd blame something besides this assignment anyways.
Well now that I have some motivation, I'm going to keep working.
Goodnight world, dream of me.

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