Monday, January 18, 2010

What did you learn today?

The famous question asked in millions of households across the world each and every day. "What did you learn today?"

Mondays are my easy days...relatively speaking (no day is "easy") but compared to the rest of the week. I had 2 classes; linguistics and statics. In linguistics we learned about the sound system of the English language. Like how we know how to say: tough, bough, cough, and dough. Don't they all look the same? But somehow we just know how they are pronounced, and theyre basically all different. Interesting huh? Or how Grade A and Grey Day are pronouced literally the same way, but mean completely different things. Language is SUCH a complex thing, yet we know so much about it, without really knowing we know so much.
In statics, I learned about frames and machines. Do you know what an internally stable system is? And the difference between that and internally unstable system? Do you know what that has to do with support reactions? Or how to find the sum of the moments of a frame? If you can answer these questions, you are probably an engineer or becoming one. It's fun to talk about things that not everyone knows. Because everyone I'm surrounded by understands this jargon, so I don't feel as smart when talking to them. I'm sure all other professionals feel the same way. I wouldn't have any idea if a psychologist used technical language..

I learned today it's hard to study for an open book/note/homework test. I have 5 weeks of material that will possibly show up on a test tomorrow. Tons of equations, deffinitions, concepts. Do I write the important ones in my notes? Do I memorize them all? It shouldn't really be that hard of a test...I hope not.

I listened to a presentation today in IIE that was very informational. Three people from the Blood Center came and talked to us about lean stuff. I found it really interesting. For example, platets have to be used within a certain time period or they become outdated and unusable. This time period amounts to hours. (About 1-2 days I think.) Anyways, the blood center was having to throw away quite a few of these platet products. So their project was to reduce the amount of waste. They said most of their projects come from ideas from employees. Employees saying something is inefficient, or bringing a problem into view. It's important when you are in a higher position to listen to those below you, because they know hands on, what is going on. It was just interesting to see the thought process of how they attacked and solved the problems they had/have. Enough IE talk, I'm sure it doesn't excite you as much as it does me.

Yay for 38 degree days....makes it harder to accept the possible freezing rain in the coming days though...

I think I want to rearrange my room. I need something different.



Monday, January 4, 2010


1. An accent in music
2. The internal resistance a material offers to being deformed and is measured in terms of the applied load.
3.Phisiological or physcological.

Here at MSOE we deal a lot with stress. It is very important especially in materials classes to understand the force, pressure, and stress certain object exert on other certain objects. It can get quite complicated. Not only do we learn about mechanical stresses but as wikipedia would say, biological stresses as well.

Have you ever had to do something you kind of know how to do or would understand if someone else showed you, but if you did it on your own, it would probably be a disaster? I feel like that discribes my life on a daily basis. I get so much homework that looks familiar and I would probably know how to do better than most people but doesn't come together. I can spend hours teaching myselef a topic only to realize I haven't showed any work of progress. Like tonight. I've spent almost 4 hours on a 17 problem assignment, and I have actually only completed two problems. Not so great, when I have 2 days to finish. At the rate I'm going, it would take me 32 hours to finish the rest of my homework and there are 40 hours until it is due. That means I have 8 free hours I wouldn't have to be doing the homework for this class. But subtract the 5 hours of classes I have the next two day, so I'm down to 3 hours of sleeping, eating, and doing homework for other classes. Are you lost? I hope not because if you were paying attention, this kind of means I'm not doing so well.
Let's just put it this way....I shouldn't be wasting time writing on my blog right now. And secondly, I just need to make it to 4pm on Wednesday. Oh, and lastly, I need to remind myself, it is just one assignment. Now, there's no way I want to do bad on it or let that stop me from still trying really hard. But let's be serious....In five years will this assignment matter? Only if it causes me to fail this class, drop out of school, and leave me with two years worth of crazy debt. Hmmm....If that happened, I'd blame something besides this assignment anyways.
Well now that I have some motivation, I'm going to keep working.
Goodnight world, dream of me.


Here it is, two in the more and I'm not sleeping. This shouldn't come as a surprise to those who know me. My brain and body seem to not understand that they need to go to bed. I feel like no matter what I do, I do all my thinking at night and can't function in the morning, shouldn't this be opposite? So what keeps me up so late:......

I've been thinking a lot about my life lately. This comes about from having a break from school, starting a new year, and growing up faster than I want.

I've learned I don't fit in. I'm the baby of my family so naturally, I'm the dumbest. I have the least experience. I've learned I have high expectations for everyone and everything. I have changed myself so many different times in my life to fit in, so I can be happy. I've given in WAY too much to society, but when I try to be different, I only feel more stressed. I haven't figured myself out, so I hate when people think THEY understand me better than myself. I am always worried about something, usually dealing with school or friends.

I wish I slept normal hours and not feel tired.
I wish I was as smart as everyone that calls me dumb.
I wish I was in shape.
I wish I talked to God more.
I wish I had a job to pay for my education.

I wish for so many things.

I HATE jokes, being made fun of, being called dumb, being underestimated or misunderstood.

Why do I have so much on my mind and why do I worry so much? And why am I scared to do what I want?

I want to have a hobby. I want it to be easy to talk to adults. I want to have the nerve to ask for job applications. Should these things be "NEEDS"?

It would be nice if I had fun exciting things to talk about. Isn't it depressing hearing about someone complain? I bet you're thinking, " I have bigger problems than her". Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good things about my life. I could tell you what I got for Christmas, but I'm a little more humble than that.

I wish I could take a vacation to figure myself out. I want to know who I am. Or is that what life is about?

I think I've said what I want. Sorry if it's not what you want to hear. I just needed to write.