Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 10 :-O

Last week before finals...CRAZY. Time sure flys when you're I don't know what I'd do if God hadn't rested on the 7th day. Would we have a 6 day week? No break? Well, we may never know, but I don't know how I'd get through this school without a rest or time to get some quality work done. Anyways, I'll be home 12 days to take a nice rest and see family. Much needed.

On to other news....
I ran a 5k this morning. I know, not a big deal, anyone can go run a 5k, right? (Well, not really) But it's not like I ran a marathon...But I'm proud of myself. I think that counts the most. I think the last time I ran a race was my freshman year in high school when I was on the cross-country team. I forgot how fun it was. I love the people that stand on the side and cheer you on. Random people that look you in the eye as you're running and just cheer for you. Or the crazy coaches that are yelling at someone specific to keep their eyes up, or shoulders back, or to push on. It's a fun rush. I'm not in great shape, running makes me tired, etc, BUT it's an awesome time to think while doing something productive and keep in shape. Well, I'm done with my ranting about running. Because I'm quite an amatuer, compared to oh say my brother....who considers a 5k to be a sprint...

Anyhew, this week should be pretty easy. Just finishing up projects I've been working on in a few classes. I say that like it's easy...but compared to my other work this semester.....PIE.

Love ya

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