Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh sweet....winter?

Im running a 5k this weekend! To be specific, the Jingle Bell Run/Walk at the zoo this Sunday for arthritis. I'm pretty excited because I've been running since school started so about 9 weeks. That's the highlight of my weekend.

As for other news, our semester ends next week basically. Monday is the start of our final week before finals. It feels like just last week I was making money, working outside....

Other than that I'm pretty excited to go home for thanksgiving..then christmas. Although it doesn't feel the same anymore, I'm just excited to take a break. Going home to my room has gotten kind of weird. I don't have anything there anymore. My life exists in just a little dorm room. Everything at home is just memories of high school. It's weird thinking I'll never really live at home again. Maybe for a summer, or on breaks, but if I decide to live in Milwaukee this year, I might never be going back. It's hard to realize because I remember when it hit me that I would never be living with my brother again. Our time growing up was so short and I remember thinking it couldn't take any longer for me to grow up! HA!

Well I have one last class for the week in 20 min so I'm gonna get going. Haven't chatted in a while, thought it was time.

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