Monday, October 5, 2009

Money Money Money

NO DOUBT does God have ways of showing you things.

Something to know before I tell you the story: I have a wristlet that holds my MSOE ID, my license, my debit card, my discover card, and a few other business cards I sometimes use. Now that you know that I can begin. So on Saturday I went to a party with some friends, and it was probably one of the craziest parties I've been to. Well, in taking off my jacket, I must have knocked off my wristlet. Minutes later, I realize I'm missing it. I go back to where it must have fallen off and ask everyone around if they saw it or to look for it. Well, happens that some girl picked it up and gave it to me. I look in it to see if anything is missing and sure enough, my $14 cash that I had was now gone. I was even going to offer the girl a couple bucks for finding it. I was so thankful, that at such a large party, someone would return it to me, unfortunately after they jacked my money. Fast forward a day, I go to the store with my roommate. As I was going through the self-checkout, I got $20 cash back. Well it was until I got home that I realized I didn't grab my $20. I immediately called pick n' save to which they took my name and number and told me to bring in my reciept and the money was mine. I was once again so thankful that they would trust it was mine. Fast forward yet another day, today. I get done with class and am walking back to my room and realize I don't have my wristlet. I figured it was in my room because I left in a hurry, and I've done that before. Well I get back to my room and scavenge all over to find NO WRISTLET. I run back to the classroom to see if I had left it sitting, but there was already another class that I didn't want to interrupt. I waited until it was over and went in the room to look, but NO WRISTLET. Thankfully, I had no money in it today, only my credit cards which I cancelled right away. How do all 3 of these things happen to me within a matter of a weekend? I can't deny I'm being sent a message. I have been spending a lot of money lately. I guess now that I have no money, I can't spend any. Just a very frustrating way to end my Monday. As if I wasn't stressed enough.
So all I ask is that you pray for 1) me-that I take better care of my finances and personal belongings and 2) for the person that has my wristlet that they find it in their heart to return it, ASAP.

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