Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Religion, God, Christ

Does it freak you out? Do you hate talking about it? Do you know what you believe? Do you believe?
I think in the past two years, I've become SO much more aware of my faith. I don't know everything about the bible, or even close for that matter, but I think I know enough to stand for what I believe. I guess being a pastors' kid, I was always made fun of for being a good little church girl, or having people tell me it sucks I have to go to church every Sunday, or that I was wasting my summers at church camp or on youth retreats, and to be honest it really got under my skin. I thought I could hide it but I guess I've learned in the past couple years that that's not who I am. Religion means a lot to me and my family. It hurts me to hear people brag about not going to church in months or since last Christmas. Am I going to force them to go to church? No, but I also don't need to hear them brag about not going. I guess I've come to see the morals of people who don't see faith the way I do and those morals aren't the same as mine. It's not like I'm going to push my view on anyone or make my friends believe what I do, or not be friends with people that don't believe the same, but it's hard to see their view.
Last night I sat in my bed reading the bible for about an hour. It felt really good and I went to church this week with a fellow pk (pastors' kid).

Today was my first day of classes. It went generally well. I don't have homework so I might start writing for my brother.
I might talk about politics tomorrow if you're lucky.

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  1. Well said, we've talked about this before, and I completely agree.
    Miss you!