Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad day

No reason really, or no ONE reason. Just one of those days you're dreding, and just the fact that you're dreding it, it doesn't go well. My wrist has hurting from the time I opened my eyes today. Is it in my head? Quite possible. Is it my way of taking the pain away from other aspects in my life? Quite possible. I handed homework in today for calc that I just wasn't confident about. I had a quiz in Physics, but my batteries died on my calculator. Which shows how truely reliant our generation is on calculators, although I think the problems have gotten harder. I had 4 hours of physics tonight and had to painfully listen to jazz in the park, knowing people were having more fun there and I was sitting in Physics...
I took off my rings today. Although the tan lines remind me of what's missing. :( Enough said.

Oh yea, my retainer broke in half this morning. I wear a splint for my jaw problem (tmj), and every morning I get out of bed and head straight to the shower. I took out my splint this morning still half asleep and dropped it. It's made of acrylic and when it hit the floor split into 2 pieces. Hopefully it's fixable...
As my dad put it: "No surprise, that's the way things are going right now."

Well, I have an orthopedic appointment early tomorrow morning and homework that needs to be done now. So hopefully I'll be in a better mood next time we chat.

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