Friday, September 25, 2009

Back up and Running

Enough complaining about gaining weight, I'm back in the gym. I ran a couple miles today. Nothing huge, but I was on the tredmil for about 20 minutes. It's encouraging to be in the gym. You see the guys that are there every day twice a day, with the huge pipes and six pack that can be seen through their cut-off tees, which is nice to know it is possible to get in shape by working out. Then you seen the over-weight people doing less strenuous things and at least for me, it's nice to know that they are trying to change.
I kinda had a break down last night, which was long coming. I've been gaining weight since freshman year of high school. Not a rediculous amount, I mean I take care of myself, but you know there's a point where you stop feeling good even if the world says your weight is fine. That's kinda where I am. And I complain about it which is hypocritical, because I get mad at people that say they're fat and don't do anything about it. So, end of story I went to the gym today. It was nice.

Um, no major plans, I've got some options. I think I'm going to finish watching The Office with my roomies then take a nap, because I can. :)

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  1. Yeah, when I gained five pounds in three weeks freshman year I went on a diet. A few months later when I wasn't losing weight I started running. A few years later I started running a lot. It feels much better this way.

    "The body is able if the mind is willing" - someone famous