Thursday, June 11, 2009


iPhone software update comes out June 17th!! That is next Wednesday!!

So, yes, I have an iPhone and it might possibly be my most prized possession. Although I carry it everywhere it is not very well protected for being my most prized possession.

Besides being uber excited for the new update, not much else is new. Every day I think about the same 3 things:
1) When I will be working next- I work at a fancy resort as a waitress about 5 days a week and so far enjoy it quite a bit.
2) I wonder what my brother is doing in Pakistan at the moment. Right now I'm sure he's sleeping, but since I love traveling as well, I wonder how the culture is, how he is getting along with people, if he's safe, etc.
3) Lastly, I constantly wonder about the weather. Is it going to rain today? Will it be nice enough to not have to wear long sleeves? Will I ever get to go to the beach this summer? Should I even call this summer because it sure feels like Fall?

Besides work, I've spent most of my summer days wandering around the house looking for my cat and trying to have her entertain me, cleaning the house to the best of my ability, or finding errands to run just to stay busy. These are the days I wish I had a hobby. Like I could go out into my garage and build something or go running or that I had a boat I could go waste time on, or money I could spend going shopping. I usually just paint and repaint my nails or find food that won't make me TOO fat or watch re-runs of the same episodes day after day...

So with all this free time I seem to have, why don't I do something more productive? I mean I could read a book, or excersise, or build a purse rack I've been meaning to, so why not? That's a good question. I feel like even with the free time I have, I hate starting something and not finishing. Like I could go for a run, but I'm supposed to meet my boyfriend in an hour and getting ready for the run, going for a run, and then showering would take me longer than an hour. Same with building something, I wouldn't want to start building it because I'd get half done and then have to make dinner or something and it would lay half done for a few months.

Well, I'm glad I got to write some of my thoughts down, because I think I'm going to make use of my time a bit better now, or at least think I should be doing something more productive and know I have something better to do.

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